E-bikes Hire and E-scooter Rental Bays Consultation

Closed 26 Apr 2024

Opened 15 Mar 2024


Please note, text with * beside and the map were added on 21st March 2024 to explain this is the first phase of the consultation with faqs and show an overview of the proposed locations.

Wandsworth Council is seeking views on the introduction of up to 141 parking bays for hire electric bikes (e-bikes) and electric scooters (e-scooters).

Electric hire bikes (e-bikes)

We are working with e-bike companies to formalise the provision of e-bike dockless hire schemes in the borough. Hundreds of thousands of e-bike journeys are made and completed in the borough every year. The Council currently allows a free-floating parking requirement for e-bikes users in Wandsworth Borough. This parking method relies on users parking the e-bikes on the pavement in a sensible manner.

TfL E-scooter trial

The Council will also be participating in the Transport for London (TfL) multi-borough E-scooter Rental Trial. E-scooters are a new form of transport and are only legal for use on roads in the UK if they are rented as part of the trial which has been authorised by the government. The following three operators are taking part in the TfL trial: Lime, Dott and Voi. An overview of the e-scooter trial is available here

Parking bays

In response to feedback we have received about pavement parking of e-bikes, the Council is proposing to install designated parking bays. This proposal would better manage the large number of e-bikes and reduce the extent of problems caused by some e-bikes being parked poorly on the pavement.

When the bays are installed, it will be compulsory to park e-bikes in a designated bay within busy town centres. This means users will not be able to end their rides unless the bikes are parked in a designated bay.

The parking bays will also be available for hire e-scooters on a trial basis. All hire e-scooters must use the parking bays provided and they cannot be left on the pavement. This will apply across the whole borough.

Note that rental e-scooters are the only legal way to ride an e-scooter. Illegal use of privately owned e-scooters is a matter for the police (and is not covered in this consultation). It can incur penalties including a fine of: 

  • Up to £300

  • Up to 6 penalty points on a driving licence 

  • Confiscation of the e-scooter 

Designated parking locations

We will be introducing the parking bays in two phases, with the first phase proposing bays for up to 141 locations, which have been chosen as the most suitable. *We are introducing the bays in phases. If your area/ward is not included in this first phase, we will be consulting over the summer on proposed bays in your area. In the meantime, parking an e-bike in these areas will remain unaffected. Some frequently asked questions, can be found here.

The bays would be initially introduced as a trial, where we will consider any feedback, as well as our own monitoring of the operation of the bays before deciding whether to keep, withdraw or amend the new bays.

Why have these locations been chosen?

The locations for the e-bike and e-scooter bays have been chosen to help address concerns around the management of e-bikes in busy town centres and to also provide a comprehensive parking network across the borough. As the e-scooter trial also operates in the neighbouring boroughs of Richmond and Lambeth, providing a robust parking network will help improve connectivity within and beyond the Borough. This approach will make the e-scooter scheme more attractive to users as they will be able to move seamlessly between boroughs.


Click here to see the proposed locations

Please click on the Ward names below to view the proposed locations in each ward. Map view of each location
Balham Dinsmore Road
  Endlesham Road
  Harberson Road
  Hearnville Road
  Old Devonshire Road
  Ramsden Road
  Rossiter Road
Battersea Park Alfreda Street
  Austin Road
  Cambridge Road
  Culvert Road (1)
  Culvert Road (2)
  Cupar Road
  Hyde Lane
  Lurline Gardens
  Meath Street
  Parkgate Road
  Prince of Wales Drive (1)
  Prince of Wales Drive (2)
East Putney Amerland Road
  Broomhill Road
  Dromore Road
  Galveston Road
  Gressenhall Road
  Haldon Road
  Kersfield Road
  Keswick Road
  Manfred Road
  Melrose Road
  Mercier Road
  Merton Road
  Oakhill Road
  Putney Heath Lane
  Ringford Road
  St John's Avenue (1)
  Wimbledon Park Road
  Woodlands Way
Falconbrook Eltringham Street
  Grant Road
  Holgate Avenue
  Hope Street
  Kerrinson Road
  Wye Street
Furzedown Clairview Road
  Dahomey Road
  Kettering Street
  Parklands Road
  Wellham Road
Lavender Barnard Road
  Beauchamp Road (North)
  Beauchamp Road (South)
  Boutflower Road
  Comyn Street
  Eccles Road
  Eckstein Road
  Lavender Gardens
  Mossbury Road
  Sisters Avenue
Nine Elms Ace Way
  Sleaford Road
  Thessaly Road (2)
Northcote Alfriston Road 
  Bramfield Road 
  Clapham Common West Side 
  Devereux Street
  Gorst Road 
  Webb's Road
Shaftesbury and Queenstown Ashley Crescent
  Stanley Grove
  Stewart's Road
  St Phillip Square
  St Rule Street
  Theatre Street
  Thessaly Road (1)
South Balham Byrne Road
  Dr Johnson Avenue Car Park
  Elmfield Road
  Hillbury Road
  Larch Close
  Ritherdon Road
  Streathbourne Road
St Mary's Battersea Church Street
  Granfield Street
  Orbel Street
  Winders Road (1)
  Winders Road (2)
Thamesfield Bective Road
  Brewhouse Lane
  Carlton Drive
  Clardendon Drive
  Deodar Road
  Disraeli Road (1)
  Disraeli Road (2)
  Earldom Road
  Fanthrope Street
  Felsham Road
  Festing Road
  Gladwyn Road
  Lacy Road
  St John's Avenue (2)
  Weimer Street
  Werter Road
 Tooting Bec Beeches Road
  Brudenell Road
  Cowick Road
  Derinton Road
  Mantilla Road
  Moffat Road
  Montana Road
  Stapleton Road
Tooting Broadway Bickersteth Road
  Broadwater Road
  Effort Street
  Gilbey Road
  Pevensey Road
  Rookstone Road
  Undine Street
  Woodbury Street
Wandsworth Town Birdhurst Road
  Ferrier Street
  Malva Close
  Morie Street
  Nantes Close (1)
  Nantes Close (2)
  Podmore Street
  Spencer Road
  St John's Hill
  Tonsley Hill
West Hill Albert Drive
  Albert Drive Oaklands Estate
  Augustus Road
  Beaumont Road
  Lytton Grove
  Skeena Hill
  Sutherland Grove
  Windlesham Grove
West Putney Balmuir Gardens
  Campion Road
  Coalecroft Road
  Genoa Avenue
  Hazlewell Road

Have your say

Please give us your views on the proposed parking bay locations by clicking on the Online Survey link below. If you require a paper copy of the survey or a different language/format, please contact 020 8871 7420 or transportation@richmondandwandsworth.gov.uk 

What happens next 

All feedback will be carefully considered before any decisions are made about the proposed locations. The Council aims to start installing the bays over the summer of 2024.



  • Balham
  • Battersea Park
  • East Putney
  • Falconbrook
  • Furzedown
  • Lavender
  • Nine Elms
  • Northcote
  • Shaftesbury & Queenstown
  • South Balham
  • St. Mary's
  • Thamesfield
  • Tooting Bec
  • Tooting Broadway
  • Wandsworth Town
  • West Hill
  • West Putney


  • Open to all


  • Wandsworth Borough