Rocks Lane / Mill Hill Road Junction Improvement Scheme

Closed 18 Sep 2016

Opened 25 Jul 2016



Proposed junction improvement scheme at Rocks Lane and Mill Hill Road, Barnes.  

It has been identified that there is strong demand for improved traffic movements and pedestrian crossing facilities at the above junction. A scheme has been developed to address these concerns. In addition to this the opportunity has also been taken to provide better cycle routes in the local area.  

The consultation plan (link below) illustrates the proposals in greater detail, but broadly the proposed changes can be identified as follows:

  1. Widening of the Rocks Lane / Mill Hill Road Junction to allow dedicated right turn lanes
  2. Introduction of pedestrian and cycle crossings on the Rocks Lane / Mill Hill Road. There are currently no crossings on any of the four arms of the junction
  3. To close Common Road at both ends. This will remove movements in and out of Common road onto Mill Hill Road which impacts of the Rocks Lane / Mill Hill Road Junction and allow for an improve pedestrian / cycle connectivity
  4. Widening of the footways from Barnes Station to Ranelagh Avenue and Mill Hill Road towards Beverley Road and Lower Richmond Road
  5. Upgrade of existing footpath on Barnes Common between Station Road / Rocks Lane to Common Road


The area plan (link below) shows alternative routes to Common Road.

Your views on these proposals will help to shape the eventual outcome of the consultation.

Please give us your views using the online survey link below. If you require a paper copy of the questionnaire please email or phone 020 8487 5276.

Following this period, your comments will be considered prior to arranging formal consultation. If this consultation is successful, implementation will be subject to funding and is not likely to be until the end of 2017.



  • Residents
  • Businesses


  • Richmond Borough