Public consultation on potential new conservation areas (Barnes, Mortlake)

Closed 17 Jan 2018

Opened 6 Dec 2017

Results Updated 4 May 2018

Following a comprehensive public consultation programme as part of the development of a Village Plan for Barnes, Mortlake and East Sheen, one new conservation area (Madrid Road) and four extensions to existing conservation areas (Mortlake, Thorn Passage, Barnes Common, Barnes Green) were approved by the Strategic Cabinet Member for the Environment, Business and Community on the 24th April 2018. Further information on each of the individual areas and the results of the most recent consultation process are available by clicking here.


Following the adoption of the Council’s Village Planning Guidance SPDs for the Barnes, Mortlake and East Sheen village areas, where suggestions were put forward through the public consultation process for a number of areas to be recommended as new or extensions to existing Conservation Areas, the Council has carried out a detailed assessment of each of the proposed areas.

The results of the detailed assessments demonstrate that the following areas are of sufficient special historic and/or architectural interest, and are therefore recommended to be included within extended or new Conservation Areas:

Barnes Common, Barnes - extend conservation area CA32 to include:

  • Entirety of Bracken Gardens
  • 2-92 (even) and 1-91 (odd) Elm Grove Road
  • 1a-18 (even) and 2-42 Glebe Road
  • Entirety of Meredyth Road
  • 1-17 (odd) Glenburn
  • 1-17 (odd) Cardigan Road
  • 20-56 (even) and 15-37 (odd) Rectory Road
  • 18-26 Belleview Road

Barnes Green, Barnes - extend conservation area CA1 to include:

  • Entirety of Elm Bank Gardens 

Madrid Road, Barnes - a new conservation area CA76 proposed for:

  • Entirety of Madrid Road

Thorne Passage, Mortlake - extend conservation area CA16 to include:

  • Thorne Passage behind 1-27 (odd) Charles St and 13-15b White Hart Lane
  • Entirety of Charles Street
  • Entirety of Thorne Street
  • Entirety of Archway Street
  • Entirety of Westfields Avenue
  • 8-18 (consecutive) Railway Side
  • Allotment gardens between the railway and railway side
  • 13-95 (odd) White Hart Lane

Mortlake - extend conservation area CA33 to include:

  • 2-78 (even) White Hart Lane

The consultation and background documents at the bottom of this page contain full details of the proposed changes.


What is a Conservation Area?

A Conservation Area is a defined area which is considered to be of special architectural and/or historic interest, which the Council has a duty to preserve and enhance. It is noted that in general people value living within Conservation Areas for their distinctiveness, visual appeal and historic character. Research has also found that this value is reflected in the increased price of properties in Conservation Areas.

Within Conservation Areas, the Council also has more control over new development proposals, such as in relation to materials and design, as well as outdoor advertisements, tree removal and demolition. 

Further information on Conservation Areas is available on the Historic England website here

Have your say

Please read the consultation and background documents at the bottom of this page. If you have any comments regarding the proposed new or extended Conservation Areas, please submit them using the comments form below.

The Council encourages everyone to use the online comments form where possible, however if necessary you can email us at or post your comments to: Planning Policy and Design, LB Richmond upon Thames, Civic Centre, 44 York Street, Twickenham, TW1 3BZ.

If you require a paper copy of the comments form please contact

The consultation period closes on Wednesday 17 January 2018. 

What happens next

Once the consultation closes, your comments will be analysed and taken into account before a final decision is made by spring 2018. Responses will not be treated as confidential and will be made publicly available; however, personal details like address, phone number or email address will be removed.



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