Twilley Street & Furmage Street Proposed Cycle Permeability & Traffic Calming Improvement Scheme

Closed 31 Oct 2019

Opened 1 Jul 2019


We would like to inform you about the implementation of new a cycle contraflow scheme and traffic calming measures in both Twilley Street and Furmage Street.

The objective of the scheme is to enable cyclists to bypass the traffic signal junction at Garratt Lane / Kimber Road / Swaffield Road and to reduce the speed and volume of vehicles using these residential streets.

Please click here to view a map illustrating the proposals. Key measures include:

  • New advisory cycle lane at Twilley Street junction with Furmage Street with protective armadillos acting as light segregation between motorists and cyclists.  The armadillos would narrow the carriageway and, force traffic to slow down before turning into Furmage Street This will result in the loss of one parking space.
  • New protective ‘D’ traffic island with reflective bollard to be installed at Twilley Street junction with Kimber Road with an advisory exit cycle lane. The traffic island would narrow the carriageway width and force motorists to slow down as they enter Twilley Street.  This will result in the loss of one parking space.
  • Existing give way priority altered, traffic must give way to on-coming traffic before turning right into Furmage Street from Twilley Street.

The scheme will be implemented in July on a trial basis under an Experimental Traffic Order (ETO) until the end of October. 

This will allow for a substantial period of monitoring and we will consider all aspects of the scheme including comments from residents and cycling groups before a decision is made on whether to make the scheme permanent.

Please accept our apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused during the construction phase, every effort will be made to keep disruption to a minimum.

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