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We carry out consultations with our residents, businesses and others with a local interest to ensure we have taken their views into account before making decisions that affect them. This site will help you find and participate in consultations and surveys that interest you. 

Current and past activities are displayed below. Alternatively you can search for activities by keyword.

Open activities

  • CPZ Dover House Estate area

    Possible Controlled Parking Zone in the Dover House Estate area. **UPDATE 01/03/2023** Following feedback about the consultation boundary plan, this has now been changed. See below and here ______________________________________________________________ The... More

    Closes 26 March 2023

  • Conservation Area Appraisals within Wandsworth

    The Council has undertaken a review of the all the current Conservation Areas within the Borough. The programme identified existing area which it views as being under particular development pressure and which would merit reassessment. Those conservation areas which have out of date and... More

    Closes 27 March 2023

  • Wandsworth Cost of Living Commission survey

    We want to hear from you, our residents. We are working with local leaders, experts, community representatives from across the area, to come up with long term solutions to the cost-of-living crisis, which will help us all in the coming years. And we want to hear from you to help us find... More

    Closes 30 April 2023

Closed activities

  • Wandsworth school streets phase 4

    A School Street is where a road or section of a road near a school temporarily closes to motor traffic to become a pedestrian and cycle zone at the start and end of the school day. There are many benefits of Schools Streets including keeping the area outside the school... More

    Closed 19 March 2023

  • Proposed changes in Medfield Street

    A number of residents have made representations to the Council and Ward Councillors concerning high traffic volume and speed on Medfield Street. The Council responded by installing a speed indicator device on Medfield Street and in collaboration with the Police, conducted a Community Road... More

    Closed 17 February 2023

  • Wandsworth Community Safety Survey 2022

    The Wandsworth Community Safety Partnership will launch its new Community Safety Strategy in 2023. This will identify the crime, anti-social behaviour and community safety issues for the Partnership to prioritise. The Wandsworth Community Safety Partnership... More

    Closed 3 February 2023

  • Paddock School consultation

    Update 27/01/23 Thank you to those who attended the public consultation event at Paddock School on the 18 th January. The questions raised at the meeting, and the responses to them, are available to read here . Update 18/01/23 There will be a public consultation event at... More

    Closed 2 February 2023

  • Broadwater formal consultation - proposal to close (discontinue) a maintained school  

    Between 12 October and 29 November 2022 Wandsworth Council carried out a public consultation on the proposal to close Broadwater Primary School, with the intention to repurpose the site for a Special Needs School. You can view the consultation here After carefully considering all... More

    Closed 2 February 2023

  • Access to sexual and reproductive health services survey

    The London Boroughs of Merton, Richmond and Wandsworth with the NHS are working to improve the sexual and reproductive health of people in the area. To help us with this, we would like to find out more about your awareness and experience in accessing local sexual and reproductive... More

    Closed 20 January 2023