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Welcome to the Richmond Council Consultation Hub. 

We carry out consultations with our residents, businesses and others with a local interest to ensure we have taken their views into account before making decisions that affect them.

This site will help you find and participate in consultations and surveys that interest you. Current and past activities are displayed below. Alternatively you can search for activities by keyword.

Open activities

  • Hospital Bridge Road – proposed changes to your area

    Richmond Council are seeking your views on proposed changes to Hospital Bridge Road between Ashley Drive and the A316 Chertsey Road. The scheme is focused on providing safe facilities for walking and cycling and reducing vehicle speeds while maintaining space for general traffic flow and essential...

    Closes 9 June 2023

  • Speed reduction measures in Riverside Drive and Dukes Avenue, Ham

    The Council is keen to understand the views of residents about traffic and speed conditions in Riverside Drive and Dukes Avenue. These roads have been highlighted as having unacceptable average speeds for a 20mph speed limit. In light of this, the Council requested Police...

    Closes 29 June 2023

  • Ham Parade – proposed changes to your area

    Richmond Council is reviewing Ham Parade. The east side of the parade has not been refurbished in recent times and there are existing concerns around the quality of the pedestrian environment, narrow pavements, and difficulty for those in wheelchairs to access the bus stop. The monthly closure of...

    Closes 30 June 2023

Closed activities

  • Staines Road, Twickenham – Parking and Road Safety Proposals

    The Council wishes to implement parking restrictions and road safety measures in Staines Road, between Fifth Cross Road and Sixth Cross Road In recent months the Council has received a number of complaints from residents regarding injudicious parking along this section of Staines...

    Closed 7 May 2023

  • Richmond Local Flood Risk Management Strategy Consultation

    Richmond Council is updating its Local Flood Risk Management Strategy, and we need your input. The Local Flood Risk Management Strategy (LFRMS) identifies flood risk and how it is managed, as well as identifying the roles and responsibilities of risk management authorities. ...

    Closed 3 May 2023

  • Traffic issues in the Wykeham Estate

    The Council is keen to better understand the views of residents about the existing traffic and parking conditions within the Wykeham Estate. For some time, the Council has received complaints from residents with regards to traffic volume and road safety concerns, notably on Longford Road...

    Closed 1 May 2023

  • Conservation Area Appraisals within Richmond

    We are currently undertaking a boroughwide programme of reviewing existing Conservation Area Appraisals to ensure they are reflective of their current character and appearance. What is a Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan? Conservation Areas are areas of...

    Closed 30 April 2023

  • Castelnau Parade Survey

    Tell us about Castelnau Shopping Parade! Richmond Council wants to hear your thoughts about the parade, to inform plans for improvements to the area. Please fill in our survey, telling us about your views and experiences. Have your say Give us your views using the Online...

    Closed 3 March 2023

  • Carlisle Park Cricket Consultation

    Carlisle Park Cricket Nets have been deteriorating for a number of years. As a result, an external assessment was procured by the council on the quality of these nets. The results show that the nets are unfit for purpose and require works to redevelop the facility. Currently, the nets...

    Closed 28 February 2023