West Hill Area Traffic Management Scheme

Closed 28 Mar 2020

Opened 28 Sep 2019



The Council is extending the trial of the West Hill Area Traffic Management Scheme for an additional six months as early indication shows a 22% traffic reduction leaving the A3 at Tibbet’s Corner and accessing residential roads.  The reason for the extension is to enable further monitoring of the impact of the current restrictions at Withycombe Road and the northern arm of Inner Park Road as essential gas work on Augustus Road has meant it has not been possible to fully assess the effectiveness of the restrictions to date and further essential gas work is programmed to take place until December 2019.  

In response to feedback from the online consultation and Ward Councillors, the Saturday restrictions will now be removed from the 7th October. A new scheme map can be found here

We will also be implementing priority give way traffic calming measures along the southern section of Inner Park Road after the completion of the gas work to combat the volume of through traffic, whereby traffic (commuters) heading eastbound is required to give way to westbound traffic (residents).    

Background information 

Wandsworth Council received petitions from local residents expressing concerns at traffic levels and “rat running” vehicle speeds on residential roads in the area. Following investigations by town hall highways engineers it is clear that many peak time motorists are leaving the A3 at Tibbet’s Corner and using residential roads to avoid traffic queues on West Hill. 

The worst affected roads include Withycombe Road, Princes Way, Keevil Drive, Skeena Hill, Girdwood Road, Granville Road and Merton Road which are used as cut-throughs to avoid congestion on West Hill.

As a result, the council drew up proposals to deter non-local motorists from using these quieter residential streets.  Accordingly, for a minimum six-month trial period to test its effectiveness, early morning traffic was not permitted to turn left into Withycombe Road and Inner Park Road (northern section only) from the A219 Wimbledon Park Side.  

These restrictions are applied between 7am and 10am and covered the busiest time of day for commuters, buses and cyclists are exempt.

Further traffic surveys are being carried out to enable “before and after” comparisons and the scheme is being actively monitored and enforced to ensure drivers comply with these changes. 

The council is keen to hear the views of local people throughout this extended trial period. The views of local residents and businesses will help determine whether or not this experimental scheme should be made permanent, dropped or amended.  

If you have any observations, please share your views using the online form below by 24 March 2020. If you need a paper copy, please contact anthony.maher@richmondandwandsworth.gov.uk



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