Proposed changes in Weimar Street

Closed 21 Aug 2023

Opened 17 Jul 2023


As part of Wandsworth’s Walking and Cycling Strategy, the Council is proposing contra-flow cycle measures along Weimar Street. A conta-flow cycle lane offers cyclists a separate lane allowing them to cycle in either direction on the road. The objective is to improve the layout on one-way streets by providing a more direct route for cyclists to join existing cycle networks.

The Putney Area Wide Cycle Strategy also has measures specifically to help access in and around the High Street. Previous measures in the Putney High Street area include contraflows on Norroy Road, Disraeli Road, Werter Road and further cycle facilities are also currently proposed on Biggs Row and Putney Bridge Road.

These measures will provide more space for cyclists, encourage a shift away from vehicles and towards more cycling, and improve safety as part of Wandsworth Council’s wider cycling strategy. The proposal consists of:

  • New cycle signage and road markings to formalise two-way cycle flow and to raise driver awareness of the presence of cyclists;
  • To upgrade the single yellow lines (No waiting Mon - Sat 8.30am to 6.30pm) to double yellow lines (No waiting at any time) to improve visibility around junction mouth and create passing points for opposing vehicles;
  • Existing shared use bay near the junction Putney High Road replaced with double yellow lines. Loading will not be affected;
  • Existing Solo Motor Cycle bay relocated to the north west, shared use bay extended at the western end to ensure no loss of parking
  • Raised entry treatment at the junction with Putney High Street to reduce vehicle speeds and to help pedestrians cross

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