Queenstown Road – proposed changes to your area

Closed 5 Apr 2021

Opened 15 Mar 2021


Changes to Queenstown Road  

Wandsworth Council is committed to ensuring that our borough remains a fantastic place to live and work. As part of our responsibility to create a ‘Better Borough for Everyone’, we are intending to make further changes to our streets and public spaces along Queenstown Road.  

As part of our responsibility to improve local air quality, we are looking to make further changes to Queenstown Road to better support walking and cycling.

At present along Queenstown Road, we have installed temporary measures to enable greater social distancing and a wider choice of transport options whilst public transport use remains relatively low. Following our announcement in July 2020, we are currently developing proposals to adapt these temporary measures and make them permanent.  

Queenstown Road is a valuable connection in and out of our borough via Chelsea Bridge, and is well used by our residents and visitors. We recognise that the street is often congested and has a history of road traffic collisions. North of Battersea Park Road, our road users have experienced  approximately 12 collisions each year, and sadly there has been one fatal collision every year within the last three years. Our intention is to improve safety for everyone and enable an increase in the number of trips made locally by walking, cycling and other active modes, in line with Wandsworth’s target for 82% of trips to be made by walking, cycling and public transport by 2041.

We are developing proposals which will improve our public realm and enable inclusive access for those of you who wish to travel by walking and cycling.  

In addition to prioritising travel by more sustainable methods of transport, Queenstown Road is expected to continue to accommodate those making essential journeys by car and freight movements. Our emerging proposals are intended to help address congestion, air pollution and road danger. The measures are part of the Council’s use of developer funds to improve infrastructure around the Nine Elms part of the borough.

Our plans to make permanent changes along Queenstown Road 

As we develop our proposals, we would like to hear from you about your recent experiences along Queenstown Road, and your thoughts on opportunities for improvements.   

We believe our emerging proposals should:  

  • Improve and enhance our public realm and make it easier for walking and using wheelchairs on our footways. We would do this by refurbishing footways and improving access at pedestrian crossings
  • Make it easier for pedestrians to cross the street, by reducing the space needed to cross or increasing the time available to cross the street
  • Create a high quality, dedicated space for cycling, befitting the road’s role as one of the key cycling corridors in Wandsworth
  • Resurface the carriageway where it is needed
  • Remove overnight parking to create space for other road users
  • Reduce the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph
  • Incorporate landscaping and tree planting to make better use of our valuable public spaces

Our images below, showing cross sections of Queenstown Road should give you an idea of how our proposals might look:

The scheme hasn’t been finalised yet, and the ongoing design proposals will be subject to future public consultation later this year. As always, we will work with our partners including our emergency services and Transport for London to ensure that any improvements help mitigate existing issues and positively benefit the community.  

Consultation and community engagement 

We would like to hear from our residents and businesses to help shape the scheme.  

Informal engagement will be undertaken from the 8th March 2021 to 21st March 2021, including this survey as well as a series of Covid-friendly events where you will have a chance to express your views and learn more about the proposals. 

You can read our Frequently Asked Questions document here.

Have your say

Please give us your views by clicking on the Online Survey link below. If you need the materials in another format please call 020 8871 6000.

You can also can make suggestions for travel improvement measures by emailing the the borough’s transport team at Transportation@wandsworth.gov.uk  

What happens next?

Following initial feedback, we will continue to develop our designs with an aim of undertaking a formal consultation later this year.



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