Proposed changes in Medfield Street

Closes 17 Feb 2023

Opened 24 Jan 2023


A number of residents have made representations to the Council and Ward Councillors concerning high traffic volume and speed on Medfield Street. The Council responded by installing a speed indicator device on Medfield Street and in collaboration with the Police, conducted a Community Road Watch (CRW) exercise on the 21st September 2022. These did not identify a speeding issue that is above the threshold for intervention as per the Council’s Traffic Management Policy. However, traffic volumes are currently in excess of our stated thresholds in this policy and accordingly this road has been identified for intention to seek to reduce traffic volume levels.   

To reduce the traffic volume on Medfield Street, the Council is proposing to undertake a six-month trial of a bus gate restriction outside 15 Medfield Street, just after Hungerford Motors Ltd using an Experimental Traffic Order. 

A bus gate restriction means no motor vehicles can access except for buses. We will also be exempting taxis (black cabs) as they are a form of public transport.  This will effectively remove all motor vehicles eastbound movements from the A306 Roehampton Lane other than buses, taxis and cycles, so traffic volume on Medfield Street, we anticipate would approximately halve.   

An Experimental Traffic Order is a live consultation, whereby residents feedback about the changes, monitoring of traffic conditions will be carried out for a minimum period of 6 months but can be for up to 18 months. It also provides the option to stop the trial at any time or make further adjustments during this time period.

We would like to hear your views about the proposed bus gate trial and possible hours of operation.

The image below shows the proposed location and example signage.

During the bus gate operational hours, access from A306 Roehampton Lane to Ponsonby Road would be via Roehampton High Street, Treville Street and Medfield Street. School Street operational hours on Ponsonby Road remains unaffected. 

Have your say

The Council is keen to hear the views of local residents and businesses regarding this possible trial to deter through traffic using Medfield Street as a cut through from Roehampton Lane to Putney Heath. 

Please submit your feedback by following the link below by 17th February 2023.  

If you require the questionnaire in paper form or another format please contact

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