Local Validation Checklist 2023

Closed 24 Aug 2023

Opened 20 Jul 2023


In line with national guidance, local planning authorities should publish a Local Validation Checklist (‘local list’) of their information requirements for applications.

The Council is now consulting on a draft Local Validation Checklist for Wandsworth, which contains the documents requested at national, regional and local level that need to be submitted with an application in this borough in order for it to be validated. The submission of the right information is a significant factor in making timely and good quality decisions on planning applications within the statutory periods.

The Checklist reflects the changes in requirements as set out in the new Local Plan 2023-2038, which is subject to approval for adoption by full Council on 19 July. The new Local Plan was subject to extensive consultation; this consultation is not seeking views on the content of the Local Plan or its policy requirements that are reflected within the Checklist.

The aim of the Checklist is to set out clearly for anyone submitting an application what is required by the Council to determine an application, which increases the certainty for consultants, developers, neighbours and community groups. The Checklist has been produced in line with national guidance and informed by Local Plan and London Plan policies, and therefore items and requirements on the local list are only requested where they are proportionate to the nature, scale and location of the proposed development, and on matters that are relevant, necessary and material to the application.  

The Council has aimed to strike the right balance between ensuring that the right information is submitted in support of an application to allow an assessment against the policies set out in the Local Plan and/or London Plan, whilst at the same time not placing any unnecessary burden on those preparing and submitting applications. 

Have your say

Please give us your views on the draft Local Validation Checklist using the online survey below.

The Council has also produced a Sustainability Checklist to sit alongside the Validation Checklist. This document provides more detail on the key principles of sustainable design and construction and the assessments applicants need to submit.

Alternatively, paper copies of the documents are available from the Town Hall, Wandsworth High Street, London, SW18 2PU or from borough libraries.

Responses can also be posted to: Planning Policy, Environment and Community Services, Town Hall, Wandsworth High Street, London, SW18 2PU or emailed to wandsworthplanningpolicy@richmondandwandsworth.gov.uk

What happens next

Once the consultation period has concluded, the responses will be analysed and taken into account when finalising the local list, which is anticipated to be published in September 2023.


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