Elmbourne Road Traffic Calming Consultation

Closes 16 Jun 2024

Opened 20 May 2024


Thank you for visiting the Elmbourne Road Traffic Calming consultation page. The trial commences on the 20th May 2024 for one month. Please return to give your feedback during the trial. We look forward to hearing from you.


In response to ongoing concerns regarding traffic conditions on Elmbourne Road,  the Council is proposing trial measures to reduce the potential for conflict. The intention is to refine and build on the benefits of previous improvements to pavements and crossing points in order to reduce congestion and aggressive driver behaviour.

Crossing points, relocated footway parking and raised tables were key improvements to pedestrian access. It was anticipated this would improve pedestrian safety and comfort, and deter through traffic. Surveys showed a traffic reduction of around 30% between 2016 and 2023. However - instances of congestion and aggressive driver behaviour are still being reported.

Following detailed discussions with ward councillors and the Cabinet Member for Transport, the agreed approach is to trial an initial suspension of parking and collect your views and experiences before proposing any further permanent or semi-permanent solutions.

The one month trial key details are:

  • Parking suspensions commencing 20th May 2024, located on the Common side of Elmbourne Road between Tooting Bec Road and Huron Road and on the approaches to the crossing points outside 20/21 and 5/7 Elmbourne Road
  • Enforceable during the CPZ hours of Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4.30pm - loading and passenger pick up/drop off will not be affected at any time
  • Traffic surveys and parking surveys will be carried out in the area to assess the impact

As shown on the plan here it is proposed to suspend the following:

  • Tooting Bec Road – Louisville Road – 3 spaces
  • Louisville Road – Drakefield Road – 10 spaces
  • Drakefield Road – Streathbourne Road – 11 spaces
  • Streathbourne Road – Huron Road – 8 spaces
  • Bushnell Road – Bedford Hill – 4 spaces

To improve pedestrian access further it is proposed to install a zebra crossing at the junction of Louisville Road, which will be of benefit to school pupils and the wider community. If positive feedback is received on this proposal it could be constructed in the school summer holidays.

The Council is keen to hear the views of local residents and businesses throughout the trial period. The trial is due to commence on 20th May 2024. For further details, please visit our FAQs page here.

Have your say

Please give us your views by clicking on the Online survey link below. If you require any materials on paper or in another format please contact us on 020 8871 6000 and quote 'Elmbourne Road consultation' or email consult@wandsworth.gov.uk

There is also a dedicated mailbox for any additional site observations and evidence you feel helpful: ElmbourneRoad@wandsworth.gov.uk

What happens next

Depending on feedback received the trial may be extended, amended or withdrawn after the one month trial period.

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