Conservation Area Appraisals within Wandsworth

Closed 27 Mar 2023

Opened 6 Feb 2023


The Council has undertaken a review of the all the current Conservation Areas within the Borough. The programme identified existing area which it views as being under particular development pressure and which would merit reassessment. Those conservation areas which have out of date and insufficient Conservation Area Appraisals have also been identified.

Conservation Areas are areas of special architectural and historic interest, the character and appearance of which is worth of preserving or enhancing. This character is derived from the area as a whole rather than the quality of specific buildings or features, but many features, such as the type and scale of buildings, building materials, layout of roads, and green spaces/trees, can all contribute to this special character

The following conservation areas have been reviewed and updated Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans have been produced, which are the subject of this public consultation and relevant documents can be viewed on the Council’s website:

What are we consulting on?

The Conservation Area Appraisal is formed of two key elements:

  • The Appraisal describes the character and appearance of the area, and outlines elements which contribute to this character, and ultimately, to its significance. The Appraisal captures and records the area as it has been observed.
  • The Management Plans makes recommendations and/or enhancements within the conservation area. It includes guidance for appropriate types of change and how to approach new proposals in a manner which will respect the identified character within the Appraisal.

How does living/working in a conservation area affect you?

The intent of the Conservation Area Designation is not to prevent change, but to manage change that conserves its character and appearance as identified in the Appraisals. Further information on what it means to live in conservation area can be found in our frequently asked questions Conservation areas - frequently asked questions - Wandsworth Borough Council

Have your say

Please read the consultation document which is relevant to your conservation area and give us your views using the online survey below.

As part of the consultation, we are also seeking views on the option of expanding the Garrads Road Conservation Area to include all of the Tooting Commons and re-name the conservation area Tooting Commons Conservation Area.

If you need a paper copy or a different format, for example, Braille or large print, please contact:



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