Proposed 20mph speed limit on Bellevue Road (SW17)

Closed 6 Dec 2019

Opened 29 Oct 2019


Further to the successful boroughwide 20mph implementation on residential roads, the Council is now considering a selection of classified roads that are suitable for a 20mph speed limit. 

A 20mph speed limit is being considered on Bellevue Road following a petition from local residents and businesses; and is supported by your local ward councillors. The Council has investigated the traffic conditions and believes that Bellevue Road would be a suitable candidate for a 20mph speed limit.

Wandsworth Council would like to know your views before deciding whether to proceed with implementing the proposal. You can view a plan here which shows the proposed 20mph speed limit. 20mph signage is required on  Bellevue Road with regular 20mph repeater signs and road markings to remind drivers of the speed limit. Existing posts and lamp columns will be used where possible for 20mph signs to minimise street clutter.

The benefits of 20mph speed limits include reduced vehicle speeds leading to safer roads encouraging more people to walk and cycle which supports Wandsworth’s target of being the cleanest and greenest inner London borough.

If you wish to submit comments on the proposal, please click on the online survey link below where you will be able provide feedback up to the 6th of December.


  • Nightingale Ward
  • Wandsworth Common Ward


  • Residents


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