Battersea High Street - Proposed Public Realm Improvements

Closed 28 Feb 2018

Opened 1 Feb 2018


The council is seeking your views on the proposals to improve the southern section of Battersea High Street [between its junctions with the A3205 Battersea Park Road and Simpson Street].
The current road layout has been in place since 1989 and is now in a poor condition with temporary patched repairs, damaged highway surfaces and a build-up of street clutter.
It is therefore proposed to make improvements to Battersea High Street with the intention of upgrading the look and feel of the street, enhancing its sense of place and supporting economic activity.
Businesses on Battersea High Street have long campaigned for a re-design of the public realm to eliminate a number of current impediments to growth.
No changes are proposed in so far as motor traffic is concerned and the High Street would remain in use for local traffic and servicing. The scheme’s transport aims would be to improve facilities for pedestrians and cyclists, and to accommodate the essential parking and servicing needs of businesses, market traders and residents.
It is also anticipated that the old barrier preventing access to Battersea High Street from the north would be replaced by new bollards.
The key features of the proposed scheme are listed below and detailed in the drawing attached at the bottom of the page:
  • Level highway surface with no or very low kerbs;
  • A single southbound traffic lane would be paved in a different size/colour to the adjoining footways to delineate the vehicular route from the pedestrian environment;
  • Informal pedestrian crossing areas would be paved in different colour to the adjoining footways and carriageway;
  • Parking would be relocated from the carriageway onto a wider pedestrian space, retaining space for essential parking and servicing activity;
  • More generally, the council would seek to reduce the amount of street furniture and the extent to which highway space is formally marked out for different uses in order to retain flexibility in the potential use of the space;
  • Two utility cabinets housing the trader’s electricity meters are in a poor condition and would be replaced; and
  • The traffic barrier would be replaced within a more attractive setting with the intention of acting as a gateway to the High Street.
It is important for the council to know the views of local residents and businesses before progressing with any improvements.
We urge you to respond to this consultation by reading the consultation material here, then completing the online survey below.

If you require a paper copy of the questionnaire or have any further questions or queries about the consultation please contact Tanseer Sadiq on (020) 8871 8467, or email

Please note that this consultation closes on Wednesday 28 February 2018.



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