The Participation Project Survey

Closed 19 Oct 2020

Opened 21 Sep 2020


The Participation Project  

Children & young people helping us create our Engagement Plan

Photo of Fiona

 Hello, my name is Fiona! I work with children and young   people in Wandsworth.

 I’m here to get your help writing an important plan called   our ‘Engagement Plan’. This is called the Participation Project. Participation means 'taking part'.

So what is the Participation Project?

Family using an Ipad

We are creating an Engagement Plan, which is about listening to children and young people. We want to understand what is important for you. We will use what you've told us when we want to change things that may affect children and young people in Wandsworth, including the services you use.

How can you be involved? Cartoon of children participating

We have already spoken to some children about what helps them feel included and involved. Now we want to hear from you. 

Children painting

How can you help us?  

We have designed a short survey for you to read through and Children standing togethercomplete. Either by yourself, with friends, or with an adult, for example, a parent, carer, teacher, or youth worker. You can complete this in groups, or on your own if you prefer.

Photo of Amelia

My name is Amelia and I run groups and activities for children and young people to tell us what they think of services and plans. You could ask someone like me to help you complete the survey.

We will read every survey response you send back to us to see what is most important to you. This will be the first step in you helping us to form our Engagement Plan.

We will also use this information to engage with children and young people when we are designing services and making plans.

This includes our Young Carers Plan. If you help look after someone who needs your support each day, for example, a family member, please go to our new Young Carers’ website page  by clicking HERE or ask an adult to contact us about the support we may be able to give you. Maybe you can help us create our Young Carers Plan?

Boy in wheelchair playing basketball

We also have a Vision for children and young people living in Wandsworth. Our Vision is:

“We want Wandsworth to be the best place to grow up. Children are at the heart of everything the Council does.

We will work with our partners to ensure that no child is left behind. Every child will have the chance to have an outstanding education. Children with special needs will have their education, health and care needs met timely and efficiently. Priority will be shown to our most vulnerable children, recognising we need to improve outcomes faster.

Every child should have a good start in life, experience a positive childhood and receive the necessary stepping stones to becoming accomplished adults.”

We need your help to make sure the plans we make and the services we design are what you really need.

Photo of Sam

Hi I am Sam. I will use your answers when I help make plans and design services which you might use in Wandsworth. 


Photo of NazimI am Nazim who updates information on a website called the Local Offer. I will use your answers to make sure that the services and activities on the website are interesting and fun for you.

The survey Your opinion matters

With the help of some children and young people we have designed a survey. The survey asks you about nine sentences. We want to know if they make sense. There are no right or wrong answers. We want to know your ideas when you read the sentences.

The survey also asks you how important each sentence is for our plan. Your answers will help us finish our plan. 

Do you think you’re ready to help us? If so, let's go!


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