Survey about housing care and support for adults with a learning disability

Closes 14 Sep 2022

Opened 5 Aug 2022


Wandsworth Council is planning future Housing, Care and Support services for adults with a learning disability who need help to live independently. We want to hear what you think about our plans.

‘Where I live – housing care and support’ is a priority in Wandsworth’s Learning Disability Strategy (2021-2026).  We want there to be a range of housing and support options for people so that they have choice about where they live.

The services we are talking about are:

We are proposing that all our housing, care and support services should work to:

  • Improve the quality of life for residents with a Learning Disability 
  • Increase the choice and control that people have over their own life and decisions  
  • Ensure all people with a Learning Disability can make a positive contribution to their local community and be good neighbours
  • Delay and reduce the admission of people with a Learning disability into long term residential or hospital care  
  • Ensure all people with a Learning Disability are safeguarded from abuse, neglect and harm.  
  • Ensure Service Users and their families are satisfied with the services that they receive.  

We have also produced an easy read verison of the outline specification which you can read here - If you would like a copy of the easy read questionnaire please contact us.

Have your say

Please give us your views by clicking on the online survey link below. 

If you need to request a paper copy, a different language or format, or if you need any support to access the survey, please call 0781 612 6691 or email

What we will do with your answers:

We will use them to help us plan and improve Housing, Care and Support services.

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