North Barnes CPZ (Zone B1) Consultation

Closes 4 Dec 2022

Opened 4 Nov 2022


The Council has received requests to increase the operational hours of the controlled parking (CPZ), Zone B1, in roads near to Hammersmith Bridge. This zone currently operates 10am to Noon, Monday to Friday. 

The requests to increase the operational hours of Zone B1 primarily comprise petitions received from residents of the area including Lillian Road, Glentham Road, Glentham Gardens, Merthyr Terrace and Arundel Terrace. It is understood that the reasons for these petitions/requests is to address the increased demand for parking by visitors who park and proceed into Hammersmith when this zone does not operate.  It is alleged that this activity has substantially increased since the closure of Hammersmith Bridge in 2019 presenting difficulties for residents and their visitors to park in the area. 

Earlier this year, we consulted residents of the adjacent CPZ, Zone B, on whether they would wish to have an increase in their hours/days of operation (currently 10am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday). Whilst some interest was shown for an increase in hours/days, this was very low in comparison to the number of properties involved. It was therefore decided that the operational hours/days of Zone B should remain unchanged. 

Having considered the petitions/requests and the results of the recent Zone B consultation, we are now consulting on extending Zone B to some or all of the roads in this area. If any or all roads are added to Zone B, parking controls would operate 10am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday. 

Please view the consultation area here

Adding any roads to Zone B will affect the cost of parking permits. The table below indicates current annual resident and business permit costs and how these could increase if Zone B operational hours/days were extended. 


Operational Hours/Days 

Annual Residents Permit Charge 

Annual Business Permit Charge 

Zone B1 

10am to Noon, Mon - Fri 



Zone B 

10am to 6.30pm, Mon - Fri/Sat 



Resident and Business permits  

The resident and business permit prices are for the first permit issued per household/business for one year. Subsequent permits purchased per husehold/business per year are approximately 50% more for the second permit issued and approximately 50% more again for third and subsequent permits issued per household/business.  

Resident visitor permits  

Resident visitor permits (scratch cards) are available at half the standard price to the over 60s. These permits must be validated for the relevant time period. One permit corrected validated allows parking all day in Zone B1. In Zone B, two permits corrected validated allow all day parking.  

Please note that parking charges are reviewed annually.  

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If you are unable to complete the survey online and you would like a hard copy of the questionnaire, or materials in another format, please call 020 8871 8929 leaving your name and address and quoting reference ‘Zone B1 consultation’.

What happens next?

The Council would like to demonstrate that an extension of Zone B to this area has the support of residents so a good response is very important, although the Council will not base its decision on residents’ wishes alone. The Council will analyse the results of this consultation on a street-by-street basis and it will consider whether to extend Zone B to some or all of the roads in this area. All feedback to this consultation will be considered by the Council along with all relevant traffic management and other highway factors, prior to a decision being made on the way forward. 

Further information on this consultation, and on CPZs and parking charges, can be viewed by visiting the webpages below or by calling the Customer Service Centre on 020 8891 1411.

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