Richmond Urban Design Study

Closed 6 Jun 2021

Opened 17 May 2021


Richmond Council is developing its Local Plan, which will set priorities for future development of the local area. Local plans balance the needs of residents, businesses and visitors with protecting and enhancing the borough's buildings, landscapes and heritage.

As part of the development of the Local Plan, we are carrying out an Urban Design study, which will consider our buildings and public spaces and capture the character of our areas. This will create a background against which new development can be balanced with protecting and enhancing what makes Richmond borough so special.

The Urban Design study divides the borough into a series of distinct ‘character areas', which can be seen on the map below. Click on each area to see a description for that neighbourhood.

What is a 'Character area'?

A character area is a subdivision of a borough based on common features and characteristics such as building types, heritage, open space, land use, settlement pattern and sense of place. It also takes into consideration designations such as conservation areas and planning policy.

We have divided Richmond into 36 character areas to understand their existing character and how their past, social, cultural, physical and environmental influences have shaped them. We also develop an understanding of how places are perceived, experienced and valued.

Character areas are a way of understanding:

  • what makes one area distinctive from another;
  • what qualities are significant and critical to local character;
  • why is a particular townscape or landscape important? And to whom?
We would like to hear your feedback about the character area where you live, work or visit. All feedback will be used to ensure that our Local Plan is informed by your views.
Please have your say by clicking on the online survey link below.

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What will happen with my comments?

The final Urban Design Study will be published as part of the evidence base for the new Richmond Local Plan. If you would like to know more about what this study is for - read about the evidence base for the new Richmond Local Plan.

We will not contact you again.  If you would like to be kept informed of future updates and added to our Local Plan database then please email




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