South West Twickenham Controlled Parking Zone – Final Design and Formal Consultation

Closed 16 Jul 2021

Opened 24 Jun 2021


The Council conducted a consultation following the receipt of feedback from the community about the scheme design, mostly relating to the number / length of yellow lines proposed.

These included petitions from Belmont Road where 66% of respondents supported the omission of the road from the CPZ and from Fourth Cross Road where 92% of respondents expressed support for a CPZ but not in its present form which they felt meant the loss of too many parking spaces.

To assist officers with their work in refining the CPZ preliminary design, a virtual meeting took place on 30 November 2020, which provided an opportunity for members of the community to express their views on the design and ask officers any questions.

The issues raised at the meeting were noted and considered, along with all those reported to us via other means (in writing and by telephone) and modifications made to the design where possible. A summary of the changes can be viewed on the table below and the final design has been posted on the Council’s website here.

Brunswick Close   
Redundant disabled bay removed.   
Bedford Road / Denmark Road   

Design changed to 'Permit Parking Area'. The inclusion of a narrow strip of no man’s land on the southern side has allowed us to remove most yellow lines and marked parking bays from the preliminary design. Residents are expected to continue the existing practice of parking considerately as enforcement action can be taken if parked vehicles obstruct the highway.
Fifth Cross Road    
Loading bay added outside no 22.   

Shared use parking added opposite Nos. 32-36.

Shared use bay outside Nos. 41-47 redesignated to permit only.
Permit bay added o/s no 71.   
Norwood Close   
Double yellow line added to maintain access.    
Manor Road   

Electric charging points added at its junction with Staines Rd, adjustment made to double yellow line outside Orchard Courts.
Staines Road   

Parking bay outside No. 90 been amended to allow access to a dropped kerb/forecourt
Brinsworth Close   

22 metres of footway parking added opposite property Nos. 1-6.
Trafalgar Road   
Some shared use parking bays redesignated to permit only.   

The maximum stay has been reduced to 2 hours where concerns have been raised. 4 hours maximum stay in shared use bays have been retained towards the southern end of Trafalgar Road.
Fourth Cross Road   

Permit parking bays opposite Nos 16-20 have been relocated to outside the residents' houses as it increases capacity and residents can utilise their crossovers to park.

Shared use bay at junction with Hampton Road has been extended by 10 metres.
Elmsleigh Road   
Disabled bay added.   
Gothic Road   
Disabled bay added outside school.    

The maximum stay for shared use parking has been reduced from 4hrs to 2hrs.
Campbell Close   
Included as a 'Permit Parking Area'.   
Campbell Road   

Double yellow line removed from opposite garage entrance, adjacent to No. 72.
Churchview Road   
Permit bay added, adjacent to No. 79a.   
Various locations throughout the zone   

Yellow lines have been removed from various dropped kerbs in response to residents' requests.


We have tried to accommodate the feedback in the design as far as possible. Though some further minor amendments may be necessary, the design stage of the process is now complete.

Representations about the scheme

We acknowledge the concerns expressed by residents, including the petitions received and feel the best way forward now is to proceed to advertise the scheme formally (via Traffic Management Orders) in all the roads in the original plans, including Belmont Road and Fourth Cross Road. This process invites representations, either in favour or against the scheme, within 21 days prior to a final decision being made on the way forward. This will provide an opportunity for the community to express a view on the scheme in light of the final design.

When providing your view, residents should be aware that:

  • The design is now complete and no further major changes are planned.
  • If the decision is made to implement the CPZ, it may be applied to the whole area or in some roads and not others.
  • Any roads excluded from the scheme could be subject to displacement parking from the roads in the new CPZ.  
  • In roads where footway parking is being removed on safety grounds as part of the CPZ design, this will still be removed and double yellow lines installed if excluded from the CPZ.

Have your say

Please give us your views by completing the online survey below.

Only one response from each household / business address is required. If your household is unable to  complete the online feedback form, and would like a hard copy, please call this number and leave your name and address (020) 8871 8929 quoting ‘South West Twickenham CPZ’ and one will be posted out to you with a postage paid return envelope.

Closing date for online or paper consultation responses and/or e-mails is Friday 16 July 2021.

Should you wish to make any additional comments, you may do so by emailing:

Advertisement of Traffic Management Orders

A notice is due to be advertised in the Richmond and Twickenham Times and London Gazette on 24 June.  From this date until 16 July, representations may be made via the online survey form or by letter to the address below.  

Head of Engineering (Traffic and Parking Policy)
Civic Centre
44 York Street
TW1 3BZ 

When writing please state clearly whether you are in favour or oppose the scheme.

What happens next?

The final decision will not be based on residents’ views alone. All feedback will be considered along with relevant traffic management and other highway factors, prior to a decision being made on the way forward. We will write to you when a decision has been made about the future of the scheme and post the decision on our website. If the decision is made to implement the CPZ, we anticipate that it would be implemented in Autumn 2021. Since the process is subject to many variables, this is merely an estimate at this stage and could be subject to change. The scheme would be monitored during its initial stages following implementation and subject to a review process commencing any time after 6 months.


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