Heathfield Pavilion Consultation

Closed 31 Jul 2022

Opened 5 Jul 2022

Results updated 29 Sep 2022

Thank you to all those who responded to the consultation. You can read the feedback report here.

The Council will continue to work with the Friends of Heathfield Recreation Ground on a planning application for the proposed new pavilion. Subject to planning we will then start the process of funding applications which is required to take the project forward.


The Council have been working closely with the Friends of Heathfield Recreation Ground (FoHRGE) to develop proposed plans for the redevelopment of the existing metal container that acts as Heathfield pavilion and changing rooms. The property is currently used as storage for sports clubs and is also used occasionally as changing rooms. In more recent years it has been used by Food for Thought for the distribution of surplus foodstuffs. 

We know from our borough parks surveys that the two most popularly requested facilities are public toilets and cafés - these encourage people to  use the park and also to extend their stay, for the benefits to their physical health and mental wellbeing. Children and older people in particular are reluctant to stay for too long if there are no such facilities.

Over the last 18 months FoHRGE have been working with architects to ensure that the new plans provide these facilities and meet the Council's requirements to maintain enhanced sports facilities. These requirements are supported in principle by the Council's Parks and Sports departments, Sport England and the Football Foundation (the latter two bodies are required consultees in the planning process).

Redevelopment proposal

You can view the architect's initial drawings at the bottom of this page. Please note these are not finalised plans and may be subject to change if the redevelopment goes ahead.

The overall scale of the proposed new pavilion has been limited to the size of a previously consented building on the site. The Council's planning department has indicated that this is the maximum that is likely to be approved as the recreation ground is sited within Metropolitan Open Land.

In summary the plans provide for:

  • Sports changing facilities that meet the specification stipulated by Sport Richmond, Sport England and the Football Foundation
  • A café with servery and kitchen – with informal confirmation from potential tenants that these meet operational requirements
  • A multi-use community or club room which could accommodate a range of activities, for example exercise classes, arts and crafts, children’s parties, playgroups, foodbank etc
  • Public toilet facilities within both the café and the community room

The proposed external design aims for a modern but discreet appearance that is suited to a multi-use building and respects its setting, incorporating both a green roof and green walls to ensure that it is environmentally sustainable. The treatment of these surfaces and the use of toughened glass to the main frontage are designed to deter acts of vandalism. The ambition is to provide the local community with a building to be proud of, and one that is regularly used throughout the day and during the evenings.

Please note that there is currently no funding allocated to this proposed project. This public consultation will gauge public support, which will be an important component of any Planning Application or Funding Applications in future if the scheme is to progress.

Have your say

We would like to hear your views about the proposal so that any feedback can be considered prior to any decision on the submission of a planning application. Please have your say by completing the online survey below. If you would like a paper copy or another format, please contact us at consultation@richmond.gov.uk or on 020 8891 1411 (Parks Team).

What happens next?

All responses will be carefully considered before a decision is made on whether there is sufficient public support to move to the next stage of submitting a planning application. If planning is successful we would then seek funding for this project.



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