Proposed School Safety Measures on Oldfield Road

Closed 30 Oct 2023

Opened 2 Oct 2023

Results updated 31 Jan 2024

Thank you to all those who gave us their views on the proposed school safety measures on Oldfield Road. Following consideration of the feedback received, the council has approved recommendations. Details can be found here.


The Council would like to hear your views on a proposal to introduce a section of northbound one-way working on Oldfield Road, Hampton, between a point just north of the entrance to the industrial units extending to just north of the railway bridge.

Over recent years, and particularly since the opening of St Mary’s School, the Council has received concerns regarding potential conflict between pedestrians walking on Oldfield Road and vehicles, which are currently permitted to travel in both directions. There have been numerous requests for a footpath to be constructed however, this option is not feasible due to mature trees within the adjacent verges, existing highway widths and available funding to support what would be a very expensive scheme to deliver.

It should also be remembered, there have been several incidents of cars travelling at speed causing damage to the fencing surrounding both the Thames Water site and St Mary's School. 

As an interim measure, the Council has added extra road signage and 20mph road markings to increase driver awareness of pedestrians and encourage slower speed.

Introducing one-way working will enable the introduction of a protected ‘walkway’ under the bridge and around the bend, and reduce traffic volume where pedestrians are walking in the road south of the railway bridge.

Cycling will be permitted in both directions through the one-way section of road, with the addition of a cycle contraflow cycle arrangement.

Entry to the industrial estates and school will be via Percy Road / Oldfield Road, and vehicles will still be able to travel north along Oldfield Road and exit via the railway bridge into Priory Road. Please click here to see a plan of the proposed changes.

Recognising that a one-way working arrangement may displace traffic, it is proposed that this scheme is introduced under an Experimental Traffic Management Order, which will allow for the area to be closely monitored during the experimental period and for any revisions to be made easily if required. The scheme would be implemented using temporary materials and for an experimental order, the statutory consultation period will be during the first six months of operation.

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