Electric Vehicle Charging Point Consultation

Closed 11 Mar 2018

Opened 12 Feb 2018

Results Updated 5 Jun 2018

Thank you to all those who took part in the consultation. The results report can be found here.

The responses have helped in the process of identifying shortlisted locations for charging points. Planning applications will be submitted for these locations, which will be subject to a formal consultation process.

The shortlisted locations identified can be viewed below.

Following this phase in Barnes, East Sheen, Kew, Mortlake and North Richmond, further consultation will take place to identify charge point locations in other areas of the borough.

Barnes Ward

East Sheen Ward

Kew Ward

Mortlake & Barnes Common Ward                        

North Richmond Ward                   


Conventional vehicles are recognised as a major contributor to pollution, therefore the introduction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure is a priority for the Council to support more sustainable travel and cleaner air. This is detailed in the Council's Electric Vehicle Recharging Strategy.

Electric vehicles provide a low-emission solution to driving in the city, and the installation of electric charging points around Richmond will help meet the needs of the growing number of people choosing to own a pure electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle in preference to diesel or petrol vehicles.

Richmond Council in partnership with Source London is planning on installing publicly available electric vehicle charging points. These would be funded by Source London and form part of the London wide Source London charging network, which currently operates in 21 other London boroughs. Electric vehicle charging bays would be implemented next to charge points for the sole use of electric vehicles while they are charging. 

We are consulting you on possible electric charge point locations within the first areas of Barnes, East Sheen, Kew, Mortlake and North Richmond areas. These areas have been selected due to residents' requests for electric vehicle charging. Charge point locations in other areas of the Borough will be addressed in further phases.

Following this initial consultation, it is intended that a number of sites would be shortlisted. Shortlisted sites would require planning permission and highway consent, which would require further consultation.  

A table detailing the proposed sites for the electic vehicle charging points can be found below. Each location consists of three parking bays and charge points. The proposed parking bays are shown on the photo in red.

Arundel Terrace SW13 9DW

Jocelyn Rd TW9 2PQ

Sheen Rd Site 3 TW10 5AL

Ashleigh Rd SW14 8PY

Kentwode Green SW13 9HW

St Leonards SW14 8LU

Atwood Avenue TW9 4HD

Kew Gardens Road TW9 3HD

Stanmore Grds TW9 2HN

Barnes High Street SW13 9LN

Kew Green TW9 3AE

Station Approach TW9 3PZ

Beechwood Avenue TW9 4AA

Kew Green Site 2 TW9 3BW

Station Parade TW9 3PS

Beverley Gardens SW13 0LZ

Kew Rd TW9 2AU

Station Rd SW13 0LF

Beverley Road SW13 0NG

Kitson Rd SW13 9HN

Suffolk Rd SW13 9NR

Boileau Rd SW13 9JJ

Leyborne Park TW9 3HB

The Avenue TW9 2AH

Boileau Rd Site 2 SW13 9BW

Lion Gate Gardens Site 1 TW9 2DW

The Crescent SW13 9HH

Bracken Gardens SW13 9HW

Lion Gate Gardens Site 2 TW9 2DN

The Crescent Site 2 SW13 0NN

Burdenshott Ave TW10 5ED

Little St Leonards SW14 7LR

The Crescent Site 3 SW13 0NN

Burlington Avenue TW9 4DG

Lonsdale Rd SW13 9JR

Thompson Ave TW9 4JW

Cambridge Rd SW13 0AL

Manor Gardens TW10 5ED

Thornton Road SW14 8QS

Church Rd SW13 9HE

Milton Road SW14 8JP

Trinity Church Rd SW13 8EF

Church Rd Site 2 SW13 9HQ

Mortlake High Street SW14 8HX

Trinity Church Rd Site 2 SW13 8ES

Cleveland Rd SW13 0AA

Mortlake High Street site 2 SW14 8SH

Upper Richmond Road SW14 8QS

Cumberland Road TW9 3JQ

Nassau Rd SW13 9HE

Upper Richmond Road Site 2 SW14 7PR

East Sheen Avenue SW14 8AW

Newport Rd SW13 9PE

Upper Richmond Road Site 3 SW14 8QT

Elm Bank Gardens SW13 0NS

North Road TW9 4HQ

Verdun Rd SW13 9AW

Elm Bank Gardens Site 2 SW13 0NS

Old Deer Park Gardens TW9 2TN

Verdun Road Site 2 SW13 9AX

Elm Bank Gardens Site3 SW13 0NR

Orchard Rd TW9 4AQ

Vernon Road SW14 8NH

Ennerdale Rd TW9 2AP

Portman Avenue SW14 8NX

Victoria Villas TW9 2LQ

First Avenue SW14 8SN

Priests Bridge SW15 5JE

Warren Ave TW10 5DZ

Hillersdon Ave SW13 0EF

Raleigh Rd TW9 2HW

Westwood Rd SW13 0LA

Hillersdon Ave Site 2 SW13 0EF

Sheen Rd Site 1 TW9 1XB

Willow Ave SW13 0LQ

Howsman Rd SW13 9AW

Sheen Rd Site 2 TW10 5AH

Windham Rd TW9 2HP

How we chose the locations

When looking for locations for electric vehicle charging points, we have considered the following criteria:

  • Source London member requests and location
  • Information provided by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT)
  • Resident requests for electric vehicle charging point - online form on Richmond’s website
  • Transport for London research
  • Areas close to high streets and local amenities
  • Proximity away from trees
  • Proximity away from live equipment eg lamp posts (at least 2m)

Have your say

We would like to know your views on our proposals for providing electric vehicle charging points. We are also interested in any other comments or suggestions that may assist with the provision of balanced parking facilities for all road users. You can give us your views by completing the online survey below.

If you need a paper copy of any of the consultation material or the survey please contact consultation@richmond.gov.uk.

Next steps

Following this initial consultation, it is intended that a number of sites would be shortlisted. Shortlisted sites would require planning permission and highway consent, which would require further consultation.  

Please be advised that this consultation closes on Sunday 11 March 2018.



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