Community BlueScapes

Closes 31 Dec 2025

Opened 7 May 2024


Community BlueScapes is a partnership between London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, Barnes Common Limited, and WWT. Together we have the power to tackle climate change and make our neighbourhoods better places to live in, today. Community BlueScapes is giving people the power to prepare for extreme weather events and restoring the natural environment.

Empowering our residents to co-create these solutions with us is integral to our work. We understand that our local communities have the knowledge we need to improve the local environment, and we want you to help us shape the future of your neighbourhoods.

Community BlueScapes has been awarded £6million by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs as part of the £200 million Flood and Coastal Innovation Programmes managed by the Environment Agency. The programme will drive innovation in flood and coastal resilience and help our residents adapt to a changing climate.

Working with the community

Our communities know how climate change impacts their local areas, and they experience the effects of flooding and extreme weather first-hand. This is why local communities can shape the right solutions for the natural landscape to protect it against climate change and flooding.

 We are harnessing the collective knowledge of local communities, organisations, scientists, and government, and creating a space for discussion between these groups, to co-create solutions to the impacts of climate change in the natural landscape. The more we work together, the more we can achieve for our local area.

Get involved

Through our ideas, experiences, stories, and actions, we can drive meaningful change. We can create happier and more enjoyable environments, ensure that animals have habitats to thrive in, mitigate the risks of flooding, and lessen the effects of drought. Moreover, we can enjoy the process as we do it.

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