Barefoot Consultation - The Future of Twickenham

Closed 6 Aug 2010

Opened 22 Jul 2010


This public event has been organised to involve the local community in the regeneration of Twickenham and gain ideas and views. It addresses Twickenham Riverside and other major projects, such as the redevelopment of the Post Office sorting site; planned improvements at Twickenham Station and a planned hotel to be opened at Regal House. This consultation has been called 'barefoot' as we enter it with no preconceived ideas or notions.


Consultation event

A three day public event was held over the following days:

- Thursday 22 July, 10am - 10pm, Clarendon Hall (York House, Twickenham)

- Friday 23 July, 10am - 10pm, Clarendon Hall (York House, Twickenham)

- Saturday 24 July, 10am - 5pm, Civic Centre Atrium (44 York Street, Twickenham)

A letter was sent to local residents in advance inviting them to attend.


Leading Members and Council officers were present and there was a variety of different ways for local people to have their say, including a questionnaire, an 'ideas wall', a video booth and soapbox sessions. Sixteen community organisations also took part in the event putting forward their ideas on how different areas of the town should be improved. Campaign groups including the Twickenham Society, Richmond United Group, Friends of Twickenham Riverside and many others used the Clarendon Hall and Civic Centre as a platform to share ideas for how their members think different areas of the town should develop in the run up to the 2015 Rugby World Cup.


Online Comments Form

An online comments form was also available for those unable to attend the event.

What Happens Next

More than 800 local residents visited and took part in the Barefoot Consultation. During the three days, more than 320 different suggestions were left by visitors about what changes they would like to see. Approximately 260 questionnaires were completed by people of all ages, ranging from pensioners to children from the Heatham House Youth Centre. A report on the results is available at the below link.

What has happened as a result?

Twickenham Conference

The ideas generated were taken forward to the 'Twickenham Conference' held on Saturday 30 October 2010. See the Twickenham Barefoot webpages for further information.



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