Site Allocations Plan pre-publication consultation on additional sites

Closed 21 Jul 2014

Opened 9 Jun 2014

Results Updated 20 Oct 2017

All comments received as part of this consultation have been analysed and considered, and where appropriate, amendments to the Plan will be made.

From 11 August to 6 October 2014 the Council ran a further consultation on four educational sites to be included within the Site Allocations Plan (SA Plan). For more details on this please see the link below.

The final version of the Plan will be subject to a final 6-week consultation period in autumn 2014, before it will be submitted to the Secretary of State for independent examination in public.



The Council is inviting comments on ten new additional sites to be included within the Site Allocations Plan (SA Plan).

The SA Plan is one of a series of documents which make up the Borough’s Local Plan. It includes a number of proposal sites throughout the borough (apart from the area covered by the Twickenham Area Action Plan). The SA Plan proposes a variety of new uses for the sites to meet existing and predicted future needs in the period up to 2030. It will be a statutory land use plan and will be used for the purposes of development management, superseding the saved sites from the Unitary Development Plan 2005.

The new additional sites have been identified following the analysis of the responses that were submitted during the original pre-publication consultation on the SA Plan in October/November 2013.


In order to make responding as easy as possible, you can either:

  • Read the consultation material at the link below; or
  • View the consultation material at the Civic Centre, 44 York Street, Twickenham, TW1 3BZ or in the borough’s libraries


You can respond with your comments in the following ways:


Please note that:

- This consultation is only about the ten new additional sites as specified in the consultation material. Any policies, text, tables and maps that were previously consulted on are not open to comment; any comments on these will not be considered at this stage

- Responses will not be treated as confidential


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