Climate change and air quality questionnaire for young people

Closed 24 Oct 2019

Opened 6 Sep 2019

Results updated 11 Feb 2020

Thank you to everyone who gave us their views.

You can read about what young people told us here.

The feedback from the Youth Summit is also available to read here.

All feedback received has helped us to finalise our Climate Change Strategy and action plan and will continue to shape the way we engage with young people and schools around climate change.



Climate Change is a major challenge facing our planet. We are already seeing the effects everywhere. Ice in the Arctic and Antarctic is melting, leading to rising sea levels. The frequency and strength of storms is increasing, leaving destruction in their wake. And rainfall patterns are shifting, causing devastating droughts and floods. 

Tackling this will require action at global, national and local level.

Richmond Council recognises that we all have a voice. We all have a responsibility to protect our planet. We want young people to work with the Council to help influence change locally and help develop strategies that will make a difference in Richmond upon Thames.

The Climate Change Strategy and Air Quality Action Plan sets out how the Council aims to work to reduce its own carbon footprint and improve our air quality. It looks at our nature, our water, our waste and our air.


We want to know the views of young people. We want to know how young people are already seeing the impact of climate change, and what ideas they might have for combatting our local carbon footprint.

Please read the materials below and give us your views using the online survey.

Climate Change Strategy - summary version

See our animations:

Overall Strategy

Our Nature

Our Water

Our Waste

Our Legacy

You can also see videos on each theme from Councillors and local experts in each area. See the videos here.

Air Quality Strategy

See our animation:

Our Air

You can also see videos on the strategy from Cllr Ehmann and local experts in the area. See the videos here.

Have your say

Help us shape our strategy and action plan between 6 September – 24 October by completing the online survey below. Also give us your ideas about what you can do to reduce your own carbon footprint!

If you would like a paper copy of the survey, please contact us at or 020 8871 7816.

Climate Change Summit

Young people are also invited to attend a Climate Change summit with their schools on the 16th October in Twickenham. If you are interested, ask your teacher to contact Elinor Firth on for more information.



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