Community Independent Living Services - GP Questionnaire

Closed 1 Dec 2017

Opened 30 Oct 2017

Results Updated 13 Feb 2018

Thanks to all those who took part in the consultation. All responses are currently being considered by the Council and the results will be published on this page as soon as they are available.


Richmond Council is reviewing the Community Independent Living Services (CILS). These are funded by the Council to provide support for people with health and social care needs and are currently organised into two partnerships: Go Local and Community Partnership.

The services provided include:

  • Social groups and lunch clubs for older people
  • Support for people needing information and advice
  • Peer support and self-help groups
  • Befriending schemes and other social and support groups
  • Health and well-being activities
  • Support groups and services for specific managing conditions (Mental health, Dementia and Neurological conditions)

One of the aims of CILS is to reduce the need for NHS and social care services by providing services designed to reduce social isolation and promote wellbeing. The Council’s expectation is that GPs will make a substantial number of referrals into CILS and will also have a view on what type of services are needed within their localities.

There is a connection between some of the work of CILS and social prescribing (to support GPs to improve patients’ health and wellbeing by making referrals to non-clinical services) which the CCG is currently piloting in Barnes. When social prescribing is rolled out across the borough we see it developing as a key tool to help GPs make full use of CILS and other non-clinical local support services.

Why are we seeking your views?

To help us achieve this aim and plan for the future, we want to hear from GPs and other health professionals. We are interested in your experience of CILS, as well as your ideas for how we can improve what is offered.

You can access the online survey below, but if you would like a paper copy, please contact us at

Please be advised that this consultation closes on Friday 1st December 2017.



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