Priory Lane consultation on cycle route improvement proposals

Closed 16 Feb 2018

Opened 17 Jan 2018

Results updated 10 Jan 2019

Thanks to all those who took part in the consultation. The results can be found here. We have carefully considered all responses and are now looking at any amendments we need to make in light of feedback received. A further decision is likely to be made in summer 2019 and any updates will be published on this page when available.


Priory Lane forms part of both the Borough and the National Cycle Route Network catering daily for over 1000 pedal cyclists. It is also a busy route for traffic as it runs parallel to Roehampton Lane, providing an alternative link between two main roads, Upper Richmond Road (red route) and the A3 Roehampton Vale.
Priory Lane is long and straight with a footway on only the northbound side of the road. In some parts of the road, peak mean speeds can reach up to 28mph which can make cycling intimidating. A cycle track therefore occupies half of the footway for much of its length so that cyclists, particularly those cycling more leisurely or with less confidence, are segregated from motor vehicles.
However, the current arrangement raises several issues, namely:
  • the remaining footway is unsatisfactorily narrow for pedestrians
  • many cyclists remain in the carriageway, as well as being observed in the cycle lane
  • Priory Lane’s character as a cycling route where speeds should not go above 20mph is not clear to drivers
  • the diversion of the cycle route through Bank Lane and Roehampton Gate is not practical, most cyclists choose to continue along Priory Lane as it is a more direct route

Moreover, in the three-year period to December 2016 sixteen personal injury collisions were recorded in Priory Lane, twelve of which involved cyclists.

The proposals aim to improve pedestrian facilities by removing the cycle track from the footway and providing a constant footway width of 2.0m. Likewise the introduction of a northbound advisory cycle lane along the entire length of Priory Lane and associated changes to the highway layout aims to assist cycling and safety. Installation of cycle friendly speed tables/junctions are also proposed in this scheme to accentuate the 20mph speed limit in Priory Lane. Southbound cycles will be integrated with motor traffic. Road markings with the cycle symbol will be installed to raise awareness of the presence and legitimacy of cyclists on the carriageway.
It is important for the Council to know the views of local residents and businesses before progressing with any improvements.
We urge you to respond to this consultation by reading the consultation material here, then completing the online survey below. If you require a paper copy of the consultation document or the questionnaire please contact us at
Only one survey should be completed by each household or business.



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