Wandsworth Local Implementation Plan Consultation

Closed 11 Jan 2019

Opened 30 Nov 2018

Results updated 5 Jul 2019

Thank you to all those who responded to the consultation. For results and updates please click here.


What is the Local Implementation Plan?

The Mayor of London published his Transport Strategy in March 2018. Under the Greater London Authority Act 1999, each London borough council must produce a Local Implementation Plan (LIP) saying how it will deliver this strategy at the local level.

This is the third round of LIPs, with one being produced for each Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS) to date. The Council has now produced a draft third LIP, which you can access via the attachment below or by clicking here.


We are now seeking views on our draft third LIP, which has been produced in line with guidance issued by Transport for London (TfL) on behalf of the Mayor. It's important to note that the Council must implement the Mayor's Transport Strategy.

Like the Mayor's Transport Strategy, our draft third LIP covers the period to 2041, with a focus on the first three years to 2022.

The LIP identifies how the London Borough of Wandsworth will work towards achieving the MTS goals of:

  • Healthy streets and healthy people
  • A good public transport experience
  • New homes and jobs

The Council notes that the overarching aim of the strategy is for 80 per cent of all trips in London to be made on foot, by cycle or using public transport by 2041, compared to 63 per cent today, and there are different targets set for central, inner and outer London. The LIP outlines how Wandsworth Council will set local priorities and targets to assist with achieving this aim.

Until the final version of the third LIP is approved by the Mayor following consultation, the existing (second) LIP remains in place. You can find information about the existing LIP by clicking here.

What happens next?

The Council will consider all responses to the consultation, including those from statutory consultees including TfL. A final LIP taking into account consultation findings will be submitted to the Mayor in February 2019. If TfL and the Mayor consider the LIP to be satisfactory it should be approved by April 2019. The approved third LIP will then be published on the Council’s website, superseding the second LIP.

If you have any queries about the LIP or this consultation please email us at consult@wandsworth.gov.uk

Have your say

Before completing the survey, please read the Council's draft third LIP document, which is attached at the bottom of the page along with supporting information.

You can access the online survey below, but if you would like a paper copy of the survey, please contact us at consult@wandsworth.gov.uk

Please be advised that the consultation period runs from 30 November 2018 until 11 January 2019.


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