Battersea Park Area Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) Review

Closes 28 Jul 2024

Opened 24 Jun 2024


The Council has listened to local concerns, including a petition from residents of the Battersea Park Area CPZ, about difficulties parking on-street within the zone, in the evening and at weekends when the CPZ is not in operation. It has been reported that after 5pm, and all weekend, many visitors to Battersea Park choose to park in streets nearby, to avoid paying within the car parks inside the park, especially during the summer months and when there are events taking place in the park.  It has also been reported that on-street parking has become more difficult in the evening, and all weekend, since the opening of the Battersea Power Station development and the adjacent tube station as visitors can park for free and then walk to the power station site.

Concerns have also been raised about dangerous and obstructive parking at junctions outside the existing controlled hours/days, which not only restricts visibility for drivers and cyclists, but also makes crossing junctions dangerous for pedestrians. As part of the zone review exercise, we will change the existing single yellow lines at all junctions to double yellow lines to improve road safety. We will also assess other locations where single yellow lines operate and where necessary they will also be changed to double yellow lines.

We are now asking residents and businesses for their views about possible changes to the operational hours/days of the CPZ.  For example, are you happy with the existing parking controls or would you wish to see them extended so that they operate later into the evening and/or at weekends? Any changes to the operational hours/days should have a positive effect on parking and local traffic conditions but may also affect your visitors who would be required to pay to park (short stay) or display a resident visitor permit when parking for more than four hours.

The CPZ only operates on roads that are ‘highway maintained at public expense’, not on private roads/off-street parking areas, or on Council Housing Estates, where separate parking control schemes may operate.

The Council would like to demonstrate that any changes to the CPZ have the support of local people, so a good response rate is important. Please give us your views, even if you don’t own a vehicle, because any changes may affect your visitors.  

View a copy of the consultation letter here.

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Please give us your views by clicking on the 'Online Survey' link below. If you are unable to complete the survey online and you would like a hard copy of the questionnaire, please call 020 8871 8929 leaving your name and address and quoting reference ‘Battersea Park CPZ Review and one will be posted out to you with a postage paid return envelope.

What happens next?

The final decision will not be based on the views of residents and businesses alone.  All feedback will be considered along with relevant traffic management and other highway factors, prior to a decision being made on the way forward.

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