Wandsworth Voluntary Community Contributions Consultation

Closed 23 Apr 2021

Opened 10 Mar 2021


Over the past year, Wandsworth residents have shown incredible generosity and willingness to support their neighbours, communities, and local area through the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Council is now considering introducing a voluntary community contribution scheme, providing another avenue for residents to donate and support their local area. Wandsworth has the lowest average Council Tax in the country, but recognises that some residents may be willing to provide more financially by making additional voluntary contributions. The Council would pass any additional contributions on in full to a newly established independent charitable trust. The Trust would then distribute any funds raised to organisations working in the local area to help fund initiatives in line with priorities determined at the start of each year.

We are asking all residents to tell us their views on these proposals by 23rd April 2021 by completing the online survey below.

If you need the survey in a different format please contact policy@richmondandwandsworth.gov.uk


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