Play and sports facilities in Nine Elms

Closed 28 Aug 2019

Opened 13 Jul 2019


We would like your views on how we can improve the sports and play facilities for everyone in the communities of Carey Gardens, Patmore Estate and Savona Estate.

Wandsworth Council is investing in better local facilities or equipment with £300,000 secured from the Battersea Power Station development of affordable homes at Sleaford Street. The funds are available under certain conditions, for example the facilities must be installed in a one-off capital investment rather than generating an ongoing cost.

Some of the new equipment may be added to existing play spaces or improve equipment already there. Please let us know in the questionnaire if you would like an existing space to be expanded or changed, or if you know of another open space that could be used.

We are responding to residents’ requests for better facilities in their immediate neighbourhood. This consultation comes after previous surveys including proposals for an outdoor gym trail and racket sports facilities. Residents also suggested play facilities on the Patmore Estate. Finally, a placemaking survey in autumn 2018 identified suggestions for a ‘play street’ connecting the three estates in the Thessaly Road area.

Once the consultation is closed a report on all your comments and suggestions, and the outcome, will be presented for final comments to each estate and through the community engagement group meetings. Plans will then be drawn up for implementation and we aim to install equipment and facilities in spring 2020.

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Please complete the online survey below or for a paper copy, visit ROSE community clubroom or e-mail

Watch out for our stand here:

13 July – Happy Street festival, ROSE community clubroom

7 August – Carey Gardens

8 August – Patmore Estate

14 August – Savona Estate

Thank you for taking the time to help improve your local sports and play facilities.

The plans to improve your sports and play facilities are part of a package of neighbourhood improvements being delivered by Wandsworth Council using funds from developers in the local area.


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