Battersea High Street

Closed 2 Jun 2021

Opened 2 Dec 2020


Following recent feedback from residents, the council will trial pedestrianisation of Battersea High Street between Simpson Street and Battersea Park Road via an Experimental Traffic Order (ETO) for a period of six months in order to support local businesses, open up the street to new business uses which are responsive to residents' needs (such as outdoor dining), appropriately expand the market, put an end to illegal parking and reduce anti-social behaviour. The trial is due to start on 2 December 2020 (or the day lockdown ends).  A plan of the proposal can be seen here.

The council has decided to proceed with the trial following the success of high street pedestrianisations elsewhere in Wandsworth, which have demonstrated how pedestrianisation in appropriate settings can increase economic activity and vibrancy and enhance commercial parades as assets for the local community. This particular trial also aims to reduce the current levels of antisocial behaviour which the council believes is, in part, due to the decreased levels of economic activity on the street. This letter explains how the trial will operate and how the council will work closely with residents and businesses throughout the Trial.

How will the trial be implemented?

Bollards, or an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera will be installed on Battersea High Street by George Potter House to protect the pedestrian zone. The only permitted vehicular access will be for Emergency Services, market traders, loading and unloading for residents and businesses on Battersea High Street and Battersea Mews. Residents on Battersea High Street who are exempt from the restriction will needs to email to arrange for access in advance of the trial. Businesses will be visited by a council officer to discuss their needs. The council will implement these measures in close consultation with the Emergency Services.

In terms of diversion, traffic movements would be as per the existing Saturday market arrangement, where egress is via Simpson Street.

What is an Experimental Traffic Order?

ETOs are used to deliver immediate and short-term measures that require monitoring and further review giving the council the opportunity to trial measures.

Whilst there is no requirement for formal consultation in advance of introducing the trial measures, there is a statutory six month period following implementation whereby anyone may comment in writing and all comments must be considered.

An ETO can be amended or withdrawn at any time. The council will monitor the trial scheme and review the data collected. Any impact on Simpson Street will be closely monitored throughout the trial. The council then has the option to make amendments to the scheme during the trial period to improve its effectiveness.

Have your say

The council is keen to hear the views of local people. You can make your views known to the council before the trial goes live on 2 December 2020, and also throughout the trial period.  You can submit feedback via the survey link below.  Alternatively, you can email and use Battersea High Street as the subject. 


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