Proposed change to the removal and storage policy for homeless households

Closed 10 Oct 2018

Opened 10 Sep 2018

Results Updated 23 Nov 2018

Thank you to those who took part in the consultation. The results of the consultation can be found below. A report was considered at the Housing, Community Safety and the Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee on the 29th October. A further report was then considered at Cabinet on the 15th November. For more information on both, please see the links below.




We would like your views on a proposed change to the removal and storage policy for homeless households, following the introduction of a new policy in November 2017.

What is the Council’s current policy?

Our current policy for removal and storage arrangements, and associated charging procedures for homeless households, is an account-based system. This is only offered to clients who have nowhere safe to store their belongings when going into temporary accommodation. An account is then set up with a repayment plan which is agreed in consultation with the client. The repayment plan considers the:

  • client’s financial situation;
  • amount of storage they require; and
  • likely duration.

For example, an applicant on a very low income or on benefits would currently be expected to pay approximately £5 per week.

Proposed change

Following a manifesto commitment to look at this issue, a review has taken place with relevant officers. We propose to:

  • make storage and removals free for those applicants who are completely reliant on benefits (not working).
  • continue to charge working household applicants who are not wholly reliant on welfare benefits via a repayment plan based on earnings.

Equality Impact Needs Analysis

The proposed change will result in a positive impact for those unemployed households who are wholly reliant on benefits, as they will be able to have their possessions stored without charge.

The EINA has found that BAME, single female headed households, pregnant women and people with disabilities are over-represented amongst statutory homeless households to whom the revised policy would apply. The policy would, therefore, have a particularly positive impact on women and BAME service users.

No negative impact has been identified on any specific group as result of this proposed amendment to the removal and storage policy. However, any negative impact identified during this consultation period will be added to the final EINA together with appropriate mitigating actions.

Next steps

This proposed change will be considered by the Council's Housing, Community Safety and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee in late October 2018. If approved, it would then be considered by the Council's Cabinet. The results of this consultation will help inform any decision.

Have your say

We are keen to hear the views of everyone who would like to comment on this proposed change, including those from groups and organisations working closely with homeless households.

You can access the online survey below, but if you would like a paper copy, please contact us at

Please be advised that the consultation closes on 10th October 2018.


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