Traffic issues in the Wykeham Estate

Closed 1 May 2023

Opened 20 Mar 2023

Results updated 2 Aug 2023

Thank you to all those who gave us their views during this consultation. You can read the decision here


The Council is keen to better understand the views of residents about the existing traffic and parking conditions within the Wykeham Estate.

For some time, the Council has received complaints from residents with regards to traffic volume and road safety concerns, notably on Longford Road due to traffic cutting through the estate and traffic associated with the nearby schools. This has raised safety concerns particularly with potential for conflict with traffic meeting head on in these narrow and often heavily parked roads. Concerns have also been raised around the safety of pedestrians and cyclists at times when traffic volume is high.

Traffic surveys recently undertaken on Longford Road have shown that in accordance with our traffic calming policy, peak hour traffic volumes are of a level to trigger the Councils intervention levels for consideration of traffic management measures.

Finding the right balance between managing traffic in an area whilst not unduly inconveniencing residents is a challenging task. It is recognised that while restrictive measures to address through traffic and school traffic can bring benefits to an area, they can also be limiting for local accessibility.

Therefore, the Council would like to start a conversation with local residents to better understand views and opinions on local traffic issues in the area, what the long-term traffic picture could look like and to help identify what, if any, traffic management and control measures would be considered appropriate for the area. Comments on what measures would not be supported would also be welcomed.

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