The Vineyard, Friars Stile Road, School Safety Zone Improvements

Closed 16 Dec 2022

Opened 31 Oct 2022


The Council is inviting comments on a proposal to introduce improvements to the existing zebra crossing along Friars Stile Road, Richmond, by the entrance to The Vineyard School, and the surrounding area.

The school and parents have expressed a number of road safety concerns pertaining to traffic along Friars Stile Road. Specific concerns include the failure of some vehicles to give-way to pedestrians utilising the formal zebra crossing and general speeding issues outside the school entrance. Issues with parents parking along Cardigan Road (particularly around the junction with Friars Stile Road) to pick up and drop off passengers are also a reported concern.

The proposed improvements are located on Friars Stile Road between its junctions with Richmond Hill and Cardigan Road. The works consist of:

  • The provision of a raised table at the junction with Cardigan Road;
  • Introducing the existing zebra crossing on to a raised table;
  • Pavement resurfacing and widening; and
  • Associated road markings and carriageway resurfacing.

To ensure good visibility of this crossing it will be installed on a raised table - a section of carriageway raised to footway level - with realignment of the kerb line on Friars Stile Road to assist with pedestrian sight lines and improved pavement width around the trees. There will also be a loss of three parking spaces. These are to be removed to help with the visibility of pedestrians waiting to cross at the crossing.

The existing central refuge by the bend in Friars Stile Road by Richmond Hill will also be reconstructed as a traffic island with the dropped kerbs on both sides of the footway being raised. This is to discourage the use of this island for pedestrians to cross on this bend and to encourage the use of the zebra crossing.

A plan of the proposed changes can be viewed here

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What happens next?

The Council is looking to secure funding for these improvements, and we would like to hear your comments to ensure all views are considered before a final decision is made. All feedback will be fully considered once the consultation has closed. If a decision is made to proceed, we would look to undertake construction in 2023.


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