Strawberry Vale Drainage Scheme

Closed 19 Jan 2024

Opened 19 Dec 2023


Strawberry Vale and the surrounding streets have suffered repeated flood incidents, including four incidents within the space of two months in the summer of 2021.

These incidents have been partially attributed to tide locking (where the outlet to the Thames is blocked due to high tide), which causes surface water to back up onto the road. There have also been instances of sewer flooding and Thames Water has undertaken a number of actions to reduce the likelihood of this occurring, whilst wider investigation is ongoing.

The Council plan to introduce a tree pit and underground storage tank at the roundabout between Strawberry Vale, Cross Deep, and Waldegrave Road.

The site is currently made up of large grey paving areas which would benefit from greening. There is an existing tree on site which will need to be removed for an underground water retention system to be put in place. This tree will be replaced with a tree of the same species upon completion of the civil works.

A drawing of the scheme can be found here.

How does the tree pit work to reduce flood risk?

  • During storms, rain falling on the roads currently drain directly into the sewer. However, in such storms, sewers in this area can become overwhelmed, leading to flooding.
  • With the introduction of this scheme, rainwater in the roads surrounding Strawberry Vale will be diverted into the storage tank underneath the tree pit. The water shall then be gradually released at a low rate to the sewers, easing the pressure on the system and reducing the risk of flooding as a result.
  • During instances of tide locking, surface water can be stored in the storage tank, preventing the overflow of surface water onto the street.
  • The planting of low-maintenance grasses and shrubs around the tree will also improve the communal space for residents and increase biodiversity within the area.

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What happens next

Richmond Council is currently working with Thames Water on further investigations into sewer network capacity in the area. This research will inform additional interventions within this catchment.

If a decision is made to progress, we expect construction on this scheme to begin next year, with planting to be completed in the spring.


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