Draft Refuse and Recycling Storage and Access Requirements for New Developments Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

Closed 5 Sep 2022

Opened 17 Jun 2022


New developments are required to store solid waste as well as provide adequate access for collection in line with the Buildings Regulations 2010, whilst a code of practice for methods of storage, collection, segregation for recycling and recovery, and on-site treatment of waste from buildings are set out in the British Standards. This draft Refuse and Recycling SPD provides further waste and recycling storage and collection guidance for the type of development, both residential and commercial, that will come forward over the next Local Plan period.

This is an update of the current SPD that was adopted in 2015. Since 2015, circumstances within the borough have changed, most notably increasing amounts of flatted development above commercial premises and improvements to the Council’s waste collection services (such as the provision of food recycling services to blocks of flats). It has therefore become necessary to update the 2015 version of this SPD in order to ensure that new development is effective at providing suitable and sufficient space for the storage and collection of all waste and recycling.

The guidance contained within the draft Refuse and Recycling SPD is technical in nature and aimed at architects and agents who will be proposing at the planning application stage how the storage and collection of waste and recycling should be catered for within occupied and anticipated developments. The draft Refuse and Recycling SPD also provides details on how bin stores, a popular feature of terraced residential dwellings particularly, are considered acceptable in both design and location. The draft Refuse and Recycling SPD provides further detailed guidance to support Local Plan policies.

Once the consultation on the draft Refuse and Recycling SPD has taken place, the Council will consider any comments that come forward before adopting the Refuse and Recycling SPD, anticipated to be in the autumn.

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