Proposed 20mph Zone Consultation

Closed 29 Sep 2017

Opened 31 Aug 2017

Results Updated 22 Nov 2017

Following the analysis of the recent Proposed 20mph Zone Consultation, it is evident that the majority of residents who responded were supportive of their road becoming part of the 20mph zone. 265 respondents participated in this consultation.

It has therefore been agreed to include Grasmere Avenue, Wills Crescent, Old Manor Drive and Whitton Manor Road within the 20mph zone which will be implemented by Hounslow Council. Timescales for implementation are still to be confirmed.


As part of a borough-wide initiative, Hounslow Council has committed to introduce 20mph speed limits and zones on all residential and some main roads within Hounslow  borough.

Officers at Hounslow Council have suggested that, for completeness, the following ‘no through’ roads within the London Borough of Richmond boundary should also be included within the neighbouring zone. These roads are:

  • Grasmere Avenue
  • Wills Crescent
  • Old Manor Drive
  • Whitton Manor Drive

The reason for suggesting this is because if these roads are excluded from the 20mph zone, it will be necessary to have 30mph signs installed where it joins the borough boundary.  This is a legal requirement, so that motorists can clearly see when they are entering and leaving the 20mph zone.

We would therefore like your views on a proposed speed limit of 20mph on your road.

If residents are supportive, we will work with Hounslow to advertise the traffic order – the legal document required to change speed limits – and implement the scheme. This would only require 20 roundels to be painted onto the road surface at various locations and no additional signage would be required.

Please note that for the avoidance of doubt the above roads would remain within Richmond Borough.

Please complete the online survey below by Friday 29th September 2017 when the consultation closes. If you need a paper copy of the questionnaire please contact us at 


  • Twickenham Village
  • Whitton & Heathfield Village


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