Draft Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

Closed 27 Jan 2020

Opened 13 Dec 2019


The draft Planning Obligations SPD provides further detailed guidance to support the adopted Local Plan policies with regard to the planning obligations that are sought from developers to mitigate the impact of developments in the form of Section 106 agreements. This update to the existing SPD (2014), which can be seen here, is to reflect new or updated requirements in the Local Plan for planning obligations in relation to Local Employment Agreements, affordable workspace, trees, air quality, sustainable design and construction, carbon off-setting, biodiversity, and social infrastructure (including education and health facilities).

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We would welcome your views - please click on the link below to read the draft SPD and take part in the consultation. A draft Planning Obligations Calculator has also been developed alongside the SPD, which once adopted can be used to identify the contributions required for a proposed development, following the approach set out in the SPD, as a starting point for discussions. 


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