Meadlands School Pedestrian Improvements

Closed 29 Jan 2023

Opened 9 Jan 2023


In light of concerns raised regarding pedestrian safety outside of Meadlands School, it is proposed to introduce a zebra crossing (with parallel cycle crossing) on Broughton Avenue, Ham to provide safe access to the school. This is a very well used crossing point for both pedestrians and cyclists.

The Council has developed a scheme which looks to provide a combined pedestrian and cycle zebra crossing just to the south of Simpson Road, adjacent to the school frontage. To allow for the crossing to be installed, it is necessary to relocate both bus stops on this section of road. This will also improve safety and visibility for pedestrians and cyclists using the crossing facility. Please click here to view the plan for the proposed layout.

To accommodate the crossing in a location where it will be best utilised by both pedestrians and cyclists, we unfortunately need to remove a tree. However, we intend to replant at least two additional trees within the extent of the scheme. With regards to the impact on the parking, the bus stop changes are considered to be parking neutral across the length of road, however, the crossing zig zag markings will replace existing school keep clear markings where parking is currently permitted outside of school hours. The loss in on-street parking must be balanced against the potential for improved safety in the area of the school.

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What happens next?

The Council is looking to secure funding for these improvements, and we would like to hear your comments to ensure all views are considered before a final decision is made. All feedback will be fully considered once the consultation has closed.


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