Local Plan - Publication Consultation

Closed 15 Feb 2017

Opened 4 Jan 2017

Results Updated 20 Oct 2017

Thank you to all those who took part in the consultation.

All up-to-date information on the Local Plan can be found at:



We are now consulting on the Council’s final version of the Local Plan, which sets out a 15-year vision, strategy and planning policies to guide future development in the borough. It looks ahead to 2033 and identifies where the main developments will take place, and how places within the borough will change, or be protected from change, over that period.

The public consultation is from 4 January 2017 for 6 weeks.

The views of the community are at the heart of the Publication Local Plan and feedback from village planning processes, including from consultations earlier in 2016 both on the scope and review of the existing policies as well as on the consultation on the first draft of the Plan, have shaped the new Local Plan.

The new Local Plan sets out planning policies for the following areas:

  • Local character and design
  • Green infrastructure
  • Climate change and sustainable design
  • Borough’s centres
  • Community facilities
  • Housing
  • Employment and local economy
  • Transport


In addition, the Local Plan identifies and allocates key sites that are considered to assist with the delivery of the vision and strategy of the Plan. This is of particular importance for ensuring there is sufficient land for employment, retail, housing and social infrastructure.

The main role of the Local Plan is to guide decision making on individual planning applications.

The consultation documents and other background information are made available on the Local Plan website. To view the Local Plan and take part in the consultation, visit http://www.richmond.gov.uk/local_plan_review

At this final consultation stage, representations should only be made in regard to the Plan’s legal and procedural compliance, “soundness”, and whether the Plan has been prepared in accordance with the “Duty to Co-operate”.  There is a representations form and guidance notes on the website via the above link.

Once the consultation closes, the Plan will be formally submitted to the Secretary of State for independent Examination in Public. All responses to the consultation will be forwarded directly to the Inspector, who will decide which issues should be examined at the Examination in Public. The Inspector will consider and take account of all responses received to this consultation and examine the Plan, the evidence supporting it and make a decision whether it is sound and meets the legal requirements. It is anticipated that the Plan will be adopted early 2018.


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