Hospital Bridge Road Walking and Cycling Survey

Closed 31 Aug 2021

Opened 30 Jul 2021

Results updated 13 Oct 2021

Thank you to all those who gave us their feedback.

You can read the decision report here.


Richmond Council is dedicated to improving conditions for walking and cycling in and around Hospital Bridge Road.  Following a recent Community Conversation where residents put forward their views on potential improvements in the area, the Council is now seeking further feedback on the following measures:

  • Road safety improvements at the junction of Hospital Bridge Road with Nelson Road
  • A series of works adjacent to the Turing House School site in connection with the development of the school
  • The potential for additional longer-term measures and how these should be prioritised

Additional detail on each of these components is provided below.

Hospital Bridge Road junction with Nelson Road – proposed road safety improvements

The Council is proposing to make road safety improvements for pedestrians and other road users in the vicinity of the junction of Hospital Bridge Road with Nelson Road.

There are a number of potential changes that could be made, as shown on the drawing here and summarised below:

  • Removal of the large central island and informal crossing point on Hospital Bridge Road directly at the junction. It is considered more difficult to cross in this location than it need be due to the 3 traffic lanes, turning manoeuvres and limited sightlines
  • A new zebra crossing on Hospital Bridge Road, slightly set back from the junction with Nelson Road, on a raised table. This will provide a safe crossing point and aid in speed reduction
  • Changes to the alignment of the kerb on both sides of Hospital Bridge Road with Nelson Road to tie in with the new crossing facility
  • Widening of the grass verge area between the junction and the existing zebra crossing outside of the shops to create a new pedestrian pathway linking both zebra crossings
  • A new pathway between the zebra crossing on Hospital Bridge Road and the bus stop, it is proposed to relocate this bus stop slightly closer to the junction to provide a link between the stop and the crossing
  • New carriageway surfacing and antiskid surfacing around both crossings
  • The introduction of a small build-out on the service road, at the location of the existing zebra crossing, to assist pedestrians when crossing from the zebra into the service road
  • Proposed double yellow line waiting restrictions to protect pedestrian sightlines and vehicle access requirements

The above measures are subject to consultation and the Council would like to hear your views on these proposals. Subject to a successful outcome of this consultation, construction would be planned around the October half term period.

Highways works in relation to Turing House School

Changes to the highway to assist pedestrian access and safety are required near the school entrance.  Following feedback at a recent Community Conversation, where residents commented on the proposed locations of pedestrian crossings and bus stops, the Council proposes changes to the highway to help make the area safe while reflecting the comments made. These changes are shown on the drawing here and summarised below:

  • The introduction of a zebra crossing on Hospital Bridge Road south of its junction with a newly aligned Montrose Avenue
  • The removal of the central island/roundabout in Montrose Avenue to form a simpler T-Junction which enables an area of wider pavement, public realm and greening to be located in Montrose Avenue at its junction with Hospital Bridge Road
  • The introduction of a raised carriageway at the junction of Montrose Avenue, Hospital Bridge Road and the school entrance
  • Proposed double yellow line waiting restrictions to link the new zebra to the existing restrictions at the junction of Stirling Road. These restrictions will prevent ad-hoc parking in obstructive locations
  • Filling in the bus stop layby just south of Montrose Avenue to increase space for waiting passengers and improve bus priority.  The bus stop would be relocated slightly southwards away from Montrose Avenue which should also ensure its location does not interfere with the junction and traffic movements
  • An extension to the existing 20mph zone to include the frontage of Turing House School, this will involve relocation of the existing start of 20 mph zone signage

Following this consultation, these measures will be subject to a statutory consultation.  

Potential for additional measures

In addition to the above measures, a study looking at additional longer-term options for improving conditions along Hospital Bridge Road, particularly for walking and cycling, is underway. To help to inform any future projects, which would be subject to further consultation and funding, we are seeking your feedback about your existing use of the road and to gauge interest in a range of possible measures.

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