Hampton Wick Controlled Parking Zone (Zone X) - proposed operational amendments

Closed 21 Jul 2019

Opened 24 Jun 2019


The Council is proposing to make changes to the parking arrangements in the Hampton Wick Controlled Parking Zone (Zone X) as detailed on the plans here and here. These changes have been developed following requests received from local traders and observations by Council officers to provide more parking flexibility in the zone for the local shops / businesses.

  • Reallocation of carriageway space to create six parking places at the following locations:
    • Two Pay & Display bays on the north-western side of Old Bridge Street
    • One Pay & Display bay outside No 13 High Street
    • Two Pay & Display bays outside Nos 51/53 High Street
    • One 'Resident Permit Holders only' bay outside No 7 Park Road
  • Conversion of two existing ‘Resident Permit Holders only’ bays to Pay and Display bays outside Nos 55/57 High Street
  • Extend the maximum stay within all proposed and existing Pay & Display bays on High Street from one hour to two hours
  • Re-programme all Pay & Display machines within Zone X, along with the Ringo 'Pay By Phone' system to allow advance purchase of parking time, that is, to carry over into the next day (up to the maximum stay period in force)

The changes to the CPZ will be implemented by way of an Experimental Traffic Order and will be monitored over the first six months of operation.  Implementing the changes in this way will provide a period of operational experience and allows for representations to be made during its first six months of operation.

Prior to implementing the changes, we would like to hear any comments or concerns that you may have. Please give us your views using the comments form below.


  • Hampton Wick Ward


  • Residents
  • Businesses


  • Richmond Borough