Hampton Common: re-consultation on proposed creation of new football pitch

Closed 21 Jul 2021

Opened 23 Jun 2021


photo of Hampton Common showing grass and trees

Following feedback on the previous consultation that was held between the 30th October and 11th December 2020, the Council is proposing to re-consult, this time providing two new options for the location of the proposed 9vs9 pitch. Indicative maps of both locations are shown below and within the survey.

As with the previous consultation, the proposal is to create an additional football pitch on Hampton Common to increase provision, with a focus in particular to accommodate and grow girls' football in the borough. Women's football is a fast-growing sport internationally and we would like to be able to provide sporting opportunities for all and recognise the health benefits sport can bring to individuals and the community.

The current football facilities (one adult pitch) is not sufficient to accommodate additional new teams. The proposed new 9vs9 pitch would allow for additional teams to be developed (up to under 13 level), as well as protecting the existing pitch from overuse.

Following a review of the comments received in the initial consultation we would like to provide further details on several themes that were identified:


Due to feedback, the Council suggests two new locations for the new pitch.

Option A

Option A is for the pitch to be in the bottom left corner of the Common, close to the footpath that leads to Fearnley Crescent and Tangley Park Road. Close to the natural area that borders Morland Close. This option will allow users to continue to have unobstructed access to the Common.

Option B

Option B is to place it in line with the existing pitch further along Buckingham Road. Here it would be at least 40 meters in from the boundary hedge to retain space for other users to pass whilst the pitch is in use. This would also keep all sport in one area of the Common.

Matches, infrastructure and pitch preparation:

Football sessions would typically be held on a weekend, with no more than three sessions held over a weekend to ensure that there is no overuse of the pitch. Sessions would be booked during the 10am to 4pm window on a Saturday and 10am to 2pm on a Sunday. Due to the size of the pitch, each of the three bookings would be no longer than 1 to 1.5 hours. Sessions would take place during the football season, typically between August and April.

The 9vs9 pitch would be used by age groups up to 13 years of age and primarily focussed on female participants. However, the facility would be bookable by any teams through the Council’s sports booking portal, where they would be considered dependent on existing bookings and capacity at that time.

The goal posts would be removed at the end of the playing season, with the goal sockets covered. However, we are willing to discuss possible options for discreet onsite storage of the goalposts with relevant stakeholders should the new pitch be supported in this consultation.  

We can confirm that no trees or shrubs would be removed for the creation of this pitch and the park will remain open for all users. There are no plans to fence the surrounds of the pitch.

Travel & Parking:

Sports clubs that book to use the pitch will be encouraged through our sports booking portal to promote green travel (cycling and walking) amongst their users, or to use public transport or car shares to reduce the pressures of parking on adjacent roads. Car shares would only be promoted when Covid-19 social distancing guidelines permit for this to happen.

Parking is also available at the nearby Sainsbury’s car park (Tangley Park Road) and this will be promoted to clubs that confirm pitch bookings so to ease congestion on roads that border the Common, such as Buckingham Road, Oak Avenue and Fearnley Crescent etc.

Clubs will be reminded to encourage courteous behaviour and be mindful of the impact that they may have on neighbouring roads and residents through unthoughtful parking.

Pitch maintenance:

Maintenance is carried out by our grounds maintenance contractor Continental Landscapes who are responsible for providing a safe playable surface during the football season. Pitch conditions are monitored by parks officers throughout the season and renovation works are arranged during the off-season.

If the proposal is supported, the pitch would be prepared in time for next season 2021/22.

Have your say

We would like to hear from as many people as possible about this proposal. Please give us your views using the online survey below.

If you require a paper copy or another format, please email consultation@richmond.gov.uk

What happens next

All responses will be carefully considered before a decision is made by the Head of Service in consultation with the Chair of the Environment, Sustainability, Culture and Sports Services Committee on whether to go ahead with the creation of a new pitch.


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