East Twickenham Town Centre Improvements

Closed 8 Jan 2018

Opened 6 Dec 2017

Results updated 2 May 2018

Thank you to those who responded to the consultation.

The Cabinet Member for Highways and Street Scene made the decision to approve the proposals for the East Twickenham Town Centre Improvement Scheme.

For more information, please go to the Cabinet Member Decision page here.


The Council is consulting on proposed highways improvements on Richmond Road between the junctions of Cambridge Park and Morley Road. The proposed changes will provide street scene enhancements with the upgrading of tired footways and the removal of unnecessary street clutter. The Council has secured funding from Transport for London to carry out local improvements to this area.

The key features of the proposed scheme are detailed below and are shown on the consultation plan here and attached at the bottom of the page:

  • Relocate the pedestrian crossing on Richmond Road near Park Road closer to Morley Road and build out the footway at the Richmond Road/Morley Road junction. Moving the crossing will create four additional ‘pay and display’ (P&D) parking bays, provide a crossing for the proposed Lidl/Deer Park School development and improve footway capacity
  • Build out the footway at the junction of Richmond Road and Cambridge Park Road to improve pedestrian accessibility by the busy bus stop and to reduce the width of Cambridge Park making it easier to cross the road
  • Remove the pedestrian island and associated traffic signals outside 342 Richmond Road. The removal of the island will improve traffic flow towards St Margaret’s and Twickenham as currently the approaching lanes are too narrow to accommodate all types of vehicles
  • Upgrade the footway at the Rosslyn Road/Richmond Road junction and allow cyclists to use the crossing and associated footway. These changes will improve cycle connections and enhance the local street scene
  • Remove two ‘P&D’ parking bays on Rosslyn Road and provide three new ‘P&D’ bays opposite 15 Rosslyn Road. Removing the bays will allow for a less cluttered and improved pedestrian/cycle arrangement
  • Local improvements to footways

The changes are aimed at improving travel routes for all and the Council has considered the impact of the proposals for each of the following groups:


Rosslyn Road/Richmond Road forms part of a well-used cycle route and the proposed changes to the junction which include upgrading the pedestrian-only crossing to a cycle and pedestrian crossing and to allow cyclists to access the crossing using the footway. These changes will improve accessibility and reduce travel time for cyclists in both directions on Richmond Road.

Car drivers

By removing the pedestrian refuge from the pedestrian crossing outside 342 Richmond Road this allows for the marking of wider carriageway lanes on the westbound approach to the Richmond Road/St Margaret’s Road junction. In the current arrangement the two approaching lanes are often not fully utilised due to substandard lane widths, this reduces vehicle capacity at the junction contributing to traffic delays on this very busy road. Five additional pay and display parking bays will be created in the proposed arrangement; there is a high parking demand by the shops on Richmond Road with a limited parking opportunity. Increasing parking will help support local businesses in the area. Relocating the pedestrian crossing closer to Morley Road will improve the spacings between signals along Richmond Road, helping to reduce stop/start traffic which has environmental benefits.


Building out the footway by the Cambridge Park/Richmond Road junction will remove the conflict between bus passengers at the busy bus stop and pedestrians using the footway. Relocating the pedestrian crossings closer to Morley Road will provide a pedestrian crossing in a more convenient location and near the proposed Lidl/Deer Park Primary School development. Building out the footway at the Morley Road/Richmond Road junction will improve footway capacity when there is high pedestrian demand and relatively narrow footways. Relocating the pedestrian crossing will more evenly space the three signalised crossings along the section of Richmond Road between Rosslyn Road and Willoughby Road, improving the desirability to cross the road more safely.

We invite you to comment on the proposals by completing the online survey below by Monday 8th January 2018. Please view the plan at the bottom of this page before completing the survey. All comments received will be considered by your local ward councillors and the Cabinet Member for Highways and Streetscene.

If you require a paper copy of the questionnaire or have any further questions or queries about the consultation please call 020 8891 1411, or email HighwaysAndTransport@richmondandwandsworth.gov.uk



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