Public consultation: extension of six existing Conservation Areas and designation of nine new Conservation Areas

Closed 3 Dec 2018

Opened 15 Oct 2018

Results Updated 28 Feb 2019

Following a comprehensive public consultation programme as part of the development of a Village Plan for Mortlake, Strawberry Hill, Teddington and Twickenham, nine new conservation areas and six extensions to existing conservation areas were approved by the Strategic Cabinet Member for the Environment, planning, and sustainability on the 20th February 2019. Further information on each of the individual areas and the results of the most recent consultation process are available by clicking here.


During 2014-2017, the Council undertook a comprehensive public consultation programme as part of the development of Village Planning Guidance SPDs. Suggestions were put forward through the consultation for a number of areas to be recommended as new Conservation Areas or for extensions to existing Conservation Areas.

Following an assessment of each of the areas, it was recommended that the following areas are of sufficient special historic and/or architectural interest and are therefore recommended to be included within extended or new Conservation Areas:

  • High Street, Hampton Hill Conservation Area No.38 (extended boundary)
  • Joanna Southcott Conservation Area No.41 (extended boundary)
  • Popes Avenue Conservation Area No.40 (extended boundary)
  • High Street, Teddington Conservation Area No.37 (extended boundary)
  • Teddington Lock Conservation Area No.27 (extended boundary)
  • Twickenham Riverside Conservation Area No.8 (extended boundary)
  • Cole Park Road Conservation Area No.78 (new conservation area)
  • St. James Avenue Conservation Area No.82 (new conservation area)
  • Cowley Road Conservation Area No.79 (new conservation area)
  • Bushy Park Gardens Conservation Area No.77 (new conservation area) 
  • King Edwards Grove Conservation Area No.80 (new conservation area)
  • Royal Road Conservation Area No.81 (new conservation area)
  • Wick Road Conservation Area No. 83 (new conservation area)
  • Broad Street Conservation area No.84 (new conservation area)
  • Church Road Conservation Area No.85 (new conservation area)

As part of this process, the Council is seeking views of all owners and/or occupiers of properties that would fall in the proposed areas. In brief, the implications of Conservation Area designation are as follows:

  • Reduced permitted development rights meaning that planning permission may be required in some circumstances
  • Greater control over demolition if a building is over 115m3
  • Greater controls over tree removal
  • The need for better quality materials and design to be utilised to preserve the significant elements of the conservation area
  • Restrictions on outdoor advertisements

Further information on conservation areas can be gained by visiting the Historic England website here.

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You can read the report and recommendation for each of the new or extended Conservation Areas at the bottom of this page. If you have any comments regarding the proposed changes, please tell us using the online survey below.  

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Please be advised that this consultation closes on Monday 3 December 2018.


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