Carlisle Park Tree Works

Closed 25 Oct 2019

Opened 24 Sep 2019

Results Updated 6 Nov 2019

Thank you to all who gave us their views. There were 21 responses. Having taken all the feedback into account, the decision has been made to go ahead with the tree works which we are now arranging with our contractors. Posters will be displayed in the park to advise of a date once confirmed.


The Council will be carrying out tree work to reduce the height of the cypress trees lining the south eastern boundary of Carlisle Park, the majority of which border Wensleydale Gardens.

The work is necessary to prevent what was initially intended to be a screening hedge, from growing to a larger size which would be detrimental to the condition and amenity that is provided by the established single lime avenue.

Richmond Council recognises the importance of vegetation in providing a navigational aid for the local bat population and also the value that the cypress has for birds that may be nesting or seeking shelter during cold conditions. The work is specified as such to ensure that this important wildlife feature is not disturbed.

The specification

Each cypress within the group has a different form and relationship with the adjacent lime trees and as such it is difficult to specify the exact height of the reductions. However, our specification is clear that the trees will be taken down to a height that ensures continuous cover between the lower canopy of the lime trees and finished tops of the cypress. Where it will not significantly impact upon bats and birds, smaller cypress trees will be removed. This will be carried out in accordance with our tree management policy.

This work will take place outside of the nesting season and once complete will produce a reference point at which repeat operations will be scheduled on a cyclical basis.

Have your say

You can see an illustration of the work here. If you would like to give us any comments, please use the online form below.

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What happens next

The Council’s tree officers will consider comments received before arranging any works to the site.


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