Brook Road and St. Margaret's Grove, Twickenham – proposed one way working

Closed 18 Mar 2022

Opened 21 Feb 2022


Following complaints regarding vehicle damage and conflict caused by vehicles meeting head on along these narrow roads, the Council is seeking your views on measures to address these concerns. 

The roads are heavily parked on both sides and it is recognised that the introduction of passing areas through the removal of parking is not considered viable due to parking demand. The introduction of a one-way working arrangement will reduce conflict between vehicles, and the likelihood of damage to parked vehicles.  

A review of personal injury collisions in the area revealed a collision cluster at the A316 junction, caused by drivers turning right into Brook Road across on-coming traffic. The introduction of one-way working on Brook Road will help reduce the potential for this conflict, and Transport for London (TfL) has given their approval in principle for a no-entry restriction at the junction of the A316 with Brook Road.

There are three options we are asking you to consider:

  • Option 1 - Brook Road to become one way towards the A316. St Margaret’s Grove would remain two way
  • Option 2 -  Brook Road and St Margaret’s Grove to become one way, providing for access onto the A316
  • Option 3 - Do nothing

Please click here to see more detail about how Options 1 and 2 would modify traffic movements.

Experience has shown that one way working can lead to increased vehicle speeds and so these will be monitored and further interventions considered if necessary should either Option 1 or 2 be introduced.

For either Option 1 or 2, consideration will be given at detailed design stage whether a contraflow cycle lane could be implemented, thereby allowing two-way cycle movements to continue.

Have your say

Please give us your feedback using the online survey link below. If you require a paper copy of the survey or a different language/format, please contact 020 8487 5294 or email using the subject header "Brook Road and St. Margaret's Grove, Twickenham – proposed one way working."

The results will be carefully considered by your ward Councillors and you will be informed of the outcome in due course. Should a decision be taken to introduce either Option 1 or 2, this would be under an experimental traffic management order to allow for its impact on the surrounding road network to be considered.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this proposal.


  • St Margarets and North Twickenham Ward


  • Residents
  • Businesses


  • Richmond Borough